10 Must Have Cricut Tools

So you’re super psyched because you just bought yourself a Cricut machine and are looking for ‘must-have’ tools and accessories for beginners. Whether you have a Cricut Explore or the Cricut Maker, or any other die cutting machine, you’ll want to check out these Cricut essentials.

Okay, not all of these are must-haves, but they do make your crafting a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look!

Weeder Tool

Cricut Weeder Toolset

If there’s a single most important tool you’ll want to have, it’s a weeding tool. While the spatula and tweezers are nice, the weeding tool is absolutely essential for lifting vinyl.

There are quite a few different tools people use for weeding, and they all work to lift vinyl from the backing sheet.

The most popular tool is the Cricut Weeder Tool, but I really recommend the Weeder Toolset because it has finer points.

Some other popular tools used for weeding are:

  • Pin Pen– This tool works wonders on the tiniest pieces and can also pop those vinyl bubbles without tearing. Though it’s comfortable and sharp, it doesn’t curve to help hold down the vinyl while peeling.
  • Dental Picks – Users who use dental picks for weeding swear by them. They are fantastic, but the handles may not be as comfortable.
  • Exacto knife – The sharp point is small and precise enough to get into the small details. Combine this with tweezers to be extra careful not to damage the project.

Experiment with different kinds and find which weeding tools works best for you.

Scraper Tool

Cricut XL Scraper

A clean mat is important to getting clean cuts and making sure your material doesn’t mover around during cutting. The spatula tool can help remove the tiny pieces, but the scraper tool does a much faster job.

The scraper I recommend is the extra large scraper. It’s much easier to hold and is just faster and better than the smaller one. It also helps to get all the bubbles out of vinyl.


Cricut SpatulaThe spatula is another tool you absolutely must have. When you’re lifting material from the cutting mat, you don’t want to worry about tearing the material. The spatula takes care of this by lifting material from the mat nice and easy. The spatula can also be used with the scraper to keep that mat clean and debris free.

Cricut sells the spatula and scaper together for a really good price. There’s no reason not to have them!


Cricut Tweezers

If you don’t have tweezers yet, they are super helpful. I actually like to carry two different types, one for vinyl and one for picking up tiny items.

Okay, this is not a tool by Cricut, but it’s too good not to share! The tweezers I like for weeding are the Pazzles Needle Point Tweezers.  These tweezers have a sharp point, making excellent for vinyl. These points are sharp enough to pick up vinyl right from the middle without having to use the edges. The can also pick up the tiniest little scrap!

The other tweezes I like are mainly for picking up items and holding them in place. The Cricut Tweezers are no longer sold separately. If you’re still looking for a good pair, the EK tools Craft Tweezers are strong! They are great for picking up rhinestones and other embellishments using reverse action. The reverse action is great so you don’t get sore hands.


Cricut Scissors

The right scissors for the job can make a world of difference. The Cricut Scissors are made with hardened stainless steel blades, which creates even cuts while remaining durable.

The scissors are quite sharp and come with a mico-tip blade, so working on the fine details in smaller areas is easier and clean right down to the point.

It also has an interchangeable, protective, colored end cap, which allows the scissors to be stored safely.

Paper Cutters/Trimmers

Cricut Paper Trimmer

A paper trimmer is just super handy when you want to get straight cuts. No more using a ruler and scissors. A paper trimmer makes cutting so much easier, especially when you are working with vinyl.

Cricut has their own trimmer, but the one I like which is a little more advanced is the Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer. It even has the option for scoring to get those perfect folds.


Cricut Brayer

If you’re working with fabric or larger vinyl (or anything really), you’ll want to get yourself a brayer. Not fully stabilizing material before cutting is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. A brayer fixes this by making the material stick to the Cricut mat without damaging it.

Extra Mats

Cricut Mat Variety Pack

Something you should also have a back up of are mats. There’s nothing more annoying when you’re in the middle of the project and realize your mats are no longer sticky. There are ways to restick your cutting mats that can save money, but it’s still a good idea to have extra mats on hand.

You’ll want extra mats for the types of mats you use most often. Be sure you are getting mats for the right material:

  • LightGrip (Blue) – for paper and cardstock projects
  • StandardGrip (Green) – for vinyl and iron on
  • StrongGrip (Purple) – for posterboard, thick cardstock and other thicker materials
  • FabricGrip (Pink) – for fabric

Check out the Cricut Variety Mat for all your material.

Cricut EasyPress

Cricut EasyPress 2 Review

If you’re still using an iron for heat transfer vinyl, it’s really time for an upgrade. The Cricut EasyPress will make things so much easier than an iron. No more peeling after 1 or 2 wears. The EasyPress takes out all the guesswork of the right time and temperature.

If you have space, you can get a real heat press for just a little more money. Consider a beginner heat press, especially if you are doing anything in mass quantity or commercial purposes.


Cricut Bright Pad

The BrightPad is great for a lot of reasons. First, it makes weeding sooo much easier by making the cut lines visible. If you have anything more than a simple cut, this will help out tons. You can even use it for tracing and adapting patterns. We also wrote an in-depth review for the BrightPad.

Essential Tool Set

Cricut Essential Tool KitA lot of these tools can be bought in bundles to save money. The Cricut Essential Tool Set comes with pretty much everything you need to get started – great for beginners!

This kit includes:

  • Tweezers to lift and secure delicate material
  • Weeder to remove tiny negative cuts
  • Scissors with protective blade cover
  • Spatula to lift cuts from the mat
  • Scraper to burnish material and clean all cutting mats
  • Scoring stylus to add fold lines to cards and envelopes
  • High-quality trimmer for materials up to 12″ wide
  • Replacement blade for the trimmer
  • Scoring blade allows you to add score lines to your projects

Where to Buy the Best Cricut Tools

Getting the best deals on Cricut tools requires a little bit of shopping around. The two places I like to look are:

What is your favorite tool? Let us know below!

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