How to clean and restick your cutting mats

If your Silhouette or Cricut mats are getting dirty or are no longer sticky, I will show you how to make your cutting mats like new. Knowing how to clean and resticking your cutting mats can save you money, and it can also be fun.

Some cleaning methods may work better on different cutting mats, so try experimenting with different methods.

Using a resticked cutting mat in your machine may void your machine’s warranty. Be sure to read the warranty information for your die cut machine.

Cleaning your cutting mat

The first step to restoring your cutting mat is to clean it. Cleaning may be all that you need to do. Once your cutting mat has been cleaned, it may be sticky again.

There are a few different ways to clean your mat. Here are some of those ways:

  • Wash with soapy water using a scrubby or a magic eraser. Afterward, air dry the mat.
  • Use alcohol and bleach free baby wipes.
  • Scotch tape or lint rollers

To really get rid of tough build up, try Goo Gone. Drizzle a little bit of Goo Gone on your cutting mat and spread it around with a paper towel. Wait 15 minutes to let the goo settle. Afterward, user a scraper (an old credit card works well) to get all the junk off. Wash it after to make sure all the goo is gone.

Goo GoneOnce your mat has been cleaned and dried, check the stickiness. If your mat is not sticky after it has been cleaned and dried, then you may want to restick your cutting mat.

Restick your cutting mat

Before you restick your Cricut or Silhouette cutting mat, it’s important to tape around the all the edges. This is to prevent any adhesive that is added from getting onto the edges, which may interfere with your machines rollers.

Once the edges of the mat are taped, use a spray adhesive or glue stick. Start with 1 coat. If the mat isn’t sticky enough after drying, apply another coat.

Here are some adhesives:

  • 3M spray adhesive
  • Krylon Easy Tack
  • Quilt basting spray
  • Bonding Memories Glue
  • Elmer’s Repositionable glue stick
  • Zigs Two Way Glue – wide tip

It’s important to let the glue dry first. If you don’t and apply material to your cutting mat, your material may become stuck to the mat.

After the adhesive has dried, test the stickiness on a small area of the cutting with some material. If you find the cutting mat too sticky, pat your hands or a t-shirt on the mat to make it less sticky.

Other Tips

Here are some more tips to get the most out of your cutting mats:

  • Experiment with different kinds of mats. You may find some mats last longer than others and are less expensive.
  • Save money by buying longer mats and cutting them in half

Do you have any tips to making your mats last longer? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Restick your Cricut cutting mat

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  1. Just curious, I’ve been debating here lately actually giving my mats a quick wipe down every night and hanging them to dry. They seem so lifeless and even flimsy a bit. I’m hoping this works. I upgraded from expression to explore this feb and even that new mat seems almost unsalvageable. I’m hoping this will bring life back into my mats bc a craft room with bad, useless mats just isn’t a craft room!

  2. Oh man, i used Allenes tacky spray last night and it def DOESNT work. My mats have a thick layer on them an NO tackiness. Soaking them tonight and trying another glue alternative.

  3. I am a new customer of Silhouette Cameo. Am using the Cricut mat, less expensive and sturdier than the Cameo mat. I have used Clips Cutting Mat Adhesive on those mats. Seems to work, but is there a better adhesive on the market?

  4. omg im on my 3rd mat as no longer sticky, i am in the uk so hopefully i can fix it woth stuff we sell over here!

    • I’m UK based too. I just wash my cricut mats with warm soapy water using scraper to get stubborn bits off them rinse and leave to air dry
      Works a treat.

    • There are several types of Goo Gone. They may have used one that is too strong for the job at hand (I have one that smells like lighter fluid, comes in a small can and works really well removing oil paint, permanent markers, etc.). The Goo Gone for removing stickiness, gummy labels, etc, is not as strong and shouldn’t eat thru anything other than the glue stuff. Read the label before trying.

  5. I have been cleaning mats for several years now without satisfactory results and a lot of elbow work. I have now found the perfect glue remover in the UK. It is ‘Universal Stain Remover & Pre-Wash, by De-Solv-it. I spray it all over and leave for only about 30 secs to a minute then scrape the lot off in a minute. I have to give the mat a good clean with washing up liquid and water to remove the de-solv-it and then it is perfect. Quick and easy. My only problem is I still have to find a glue that doesn’t transfer to my material after a couple of uses. I have tried Aleenes and the Glue stick but the glue makes my Mylar look dirty after use. Hope this trick helps.

    • Have you tried WD40? one of the best destickers ever!!

      Give it a try on a small spot, dab it with lint free cloth let soak in a little then apply a little more and start rubbing 🙂

      hope this works for you

  6. I used a good old sos pad on my old mat and it worked great to get all the muck off. It is dry now but the spray adhesive I was going to use turned out to be no go. So I have to wait to use my mat until I can get the krylon easy tack.

    • I tried Elmers and it did ok but only repositionable for a short time. If I was cutting an entire 12×12 sheet of stuff, I had a hard time removing the vinyl because it has been stuck to the mat long enough to form a permanent bond. I also did t do a great job cleaning my mat and have layers of the stuff on it. I tried to clean but seems I only got a layer or so off because it is stickier than before. :((

  7. I have learned to use “awesome” from the dollar store..
    It cleans the mat, then I use a hair dryer to dry it..
    It works great, the Krylon tack also works

    • Just a note of caution on the hairdryer – I tried this once when I needed my mat back in action quickly and the hairdryer mis-shaped the cricut mat effectively ruining it. I always air dry now.

    • Awesome from the Dollar Store removed the glue after about a minute I scraped it with a bondo spreader and the glue came right off.

  8. I am wondering about the elmers craft bond adhesive spray also. I have that. Just tried cleaning my mat with a little soap and water and it’s no longer as sticky as it was.

  9. I have used Zig Zag 2 Way wide tip glue available on Amazon for about $6-$7 dollars. It is great when you are in the middle of a cutting project and you don’t have time to tape the edges of the mat before you spray it. You just spread it on and spread it out a bit. I’ve used it for years. As for my mats, hot water and dawn and a good scrubbing with a nylon type texture. Let them dry and then use the Zig Zag. The glue is acid free and safe for photos also!

  10. I used the product “Simple Green” in a spray bottle together with paper towels to remove the old adhesive from my Cricut mats. It worked well and did no damage to the mats.

  11. My Light Grip Cricut mat did not fair as well as my Standard Grip mats when I scrubbed with warm water and Palmolive dish soap. Most of the adhesive came off the Light Grip mat. Next time, I will try scrubbing with cold water, no soap, and a nylon scrubber. I think that will be enough to loosen the paper fibers without taking off the adhesive. Has anyone had any luck cleaning a light grip mat? I did not want to re-stick my light grip mat because I’m afraid it will become too sticky.

  12. I just wiped mine down with a baby wipe and after it dried it made its self sticky again ! I didn’t have to use any adhiesive 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Thank you , Maria Williams-I just tried this-it worked like a charm, saved me a trip to Michael’s, and the price of spray adhesive!

    • Yes, it will, just be careful not to leave it on too long (solvent to remove old sticky) and make sure the new adhesive is repositionable. There is a whole YouTube channel on Brother scan-n-cut, she shows how to restock, the mats Just do a search on You tube.
      The Brother Scan-n-cut is the very worse of all the meats, looses sticky after about 2-3 uses. And it is proprietary, because the machine reads the markings on the mat when it does the scans. I use a circuit mat in my Silhuette without problems but you can do that with the Brother Scan-n-Cut.

  13. The best way to remove the sticky glue from the mat that works the best for me is with 100% Isopropyl Alcohol it is quick and easy and cleans well without much work. Hope that helps someone.

  14. i used roller lint remover of my standard grip mat and that the green layer stick to the lint remover so now patches of white on my green mat.

    I think i got the bad batch of mat.

  15. anyone tried sugar soap 2 caps of ss and 3 caps of water make sure u tape ur edges though not to scratch them as your machine may not recognise your mats when u are ready to use them leave the ss on for a few minutes not over night just work like mad but avoid digging a hole in your mat reember sugar soap is a grease and dirt remover just dont overdo it and do it outside and wear gloveslot of hard work if ur a mad crafter but it works

  16. I live in Australia and have a cricut maker I use my pink fabric mat most, i really need someone in Australia to tell us about products here as i have never heard of your products. need to be able to clean threads and fluff off of mat and when it needs re glueing which is best product

    • Hi Del, I have an explore 2 not a maker but I have heard that you shouldn’t clean the new maker pink mats, just scrape off the fabric threads.

    • I just read where they were applying a stick on (possibly contact paper) to the back of fuzzy material before putting it on the mat and it took care of the fuzz left behind. I haven’t tried this but sounds reasonable.

  17. Has anyone tried Elmer’s Craft Bond spray adhesive for this? It says temporary or permanent bond on the can, and when I got it on my hands last time I used it, I was pretty sticky for a good week…. So I’m thinking it COULD work, but I don’t want to try unless I know for sure!

    • Tried it! It works for a short time. a couple of tips though
      1. don’t spray it then immediately put your cardstock or material down, you’ll never get it off.
      2. If you use thin card cardstock for the same reason.

      eventually I just say screw it and use tape…

    • Didnt work for me! Dried and just left a hard bumpy glossy surface, not a bit sticky 🙁 Sprayed Krylon Easy Tack and its getting sticky now.

  18. Heard there was a knock off version of the cricut mat called Nicapa Strong Grip-Purple Cutting Mat, 12 by 12-inch. Going to try it, they sell them for $13.99 for a 3 pack on amazon. I’m so tired of cleaning and or rebuying these things and keeping cricut in business. I use my cutter for business purposes and in my line of work I’m going through 2 mats per week. NOT profitable. Crossing fingers for the knock offs to work. We shall see.

    • This mat your speaking of is super sticky. I bought a set. you can barely get the protective sheet off of the mat. Took 2 people to get it off. the other 2 mats are perfect.

  19. Visited this thread today and having read some of the comments realised I have Crafters Companion Stick and Spray. It’s a repositionable adhesive. It has worked a treat for me. I just sprayed short strokes on the core/middle part of the mat and had no issues.

    This can has been sitting in my cupboards for several months so glad I’ve finally found a use for it.

  20. smooth cleaning: alcohol cleaning cloth
    full adhesive removal: water + baking soda

    Put a masking foil between the clipboard and the material. It protects and adheres properly

  21. hi i have a question of a different nature ,i own an original sixxix cutting machine and im looking for something to use to make it compatable with thin dyes or thinlets any help would be great

  22. I have a scan n cut. i used regular goo gone that smells like oranges. I let it sit for about 10-15 min and it a light scrubbing with a paper towel in circles and the glue came right off this goo gone is very oily as opposed to chemically so it loosened the adhesive instead of absorbed it. the circular motion helped to ball up the glue i was removing and made it easy to wipe off the mat .then i cleaned it with dawn soap and wiped it dry with another paper towel.

    now i just need to figure out what glue to use that will provide a stickiness comparable to what the manufacturer used

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