Silhouette Portrait vs Cricut Mini

UPDATE: The Silhouette Portrait and Cricut Mini are both discontinued. The Portrait has been upgraded to the Portrait 3 and the Mini has been replaced with the Joy. Learn more about these two new machines in my reviews, Silhouette Portrait 3 Review, and Cricut Joy Review. Or check out my article Silhouette Portrait 3 vs Cricut Joy.

Looking to compare the differences between the Silhouette Portrait and the Cricut Mini? We are here to help guide you through what’s different about the two machines.

Silhouette Portrait vs Cricut Mini Comparison Chart

Silhouette Portrait

Cricut Mini

Cutting Size

8" x 10"

8.5" x 12"


3.5 lbs

5.25 lbs

Cutting Force

210 grams

No Data Available

Works Without Computer


Works Without Internet


Create Custom Designs




Print and Cut


PixScan Technology



Silhouette Studio Design
Cricut Craft Room Software




Choose between the two machines

The main differences between the Silhouette Portrait and the Cricut Mini is the cutting size and software. They are both similar in terms of size and weight, and both cut and draw similarly.

Silhouette Portrait

The Silhouette Portrait cuts 8 inches wide compared to the 8.5 inches of the Cricut Mini, but the Portrait can cut up to 10 feet long. This is a huge advantage if you are using the Portrait to cut vinyl banners.

The Silhouette Portrait uses the Silhouette Studio Design Software, which is much more powerful than the Cricut Craft Room Software. The Studio Design Software allows users to import, buy, or create custom designs from scratch.

Another neat feature about the Portrait is the PixScan technology. PixScan allows you to take a digital photograph of a picture or design from your camera or smartphone, and upload it to the computer to be cut.

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Cricut Mini

The Cricut Mini cuts 8.5 x 12 inches, which means unlike the Portrait, the Mini can cut full letter sized material.

The Cricut Mini uses the Craft Room Software, which requires an internet connection to work. Although you can’t create custom designs with this software, you can link all the Cricut Cartridges that you already own to your online account to user.

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Which machine is better

Overall, the Silhouette Portrait is a better machine. It can cut up to 10 feet long, comes with powerful software, and has PixScan technology. If however you already own a lot of Cricut cartridges, the Cricut Mini is worth considering.

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I hope this guide helps you decide between the Silhouette Portrait and Cricut Mini. Which machine do you think is better? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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