Can You Use Other Dies With AccuQuilt? Here are your options

Accuquilt makes many beautiful dies to use in your die cutting machine for quilting. But there are other brands of dies out there and it can be confusing to know if they will work in your machine or not.

There are a few dies that are compatible with the Accuquilt GO! series of die cutters. Blue Wren dies and Accuquilt GO! dies will work with all GO! cutter models assuming you buy ones that are the correct width. Crafters Edge dies will work with GO! cutters when an adapter is used.

Accuquilt Studio 2 cutters are compatible with all Studio dies and AccuCut dies. Sizzix Bigz, Ellison dies, Blue Wren dies and AccuQuilt GO! dies can be used in the Studio when the correct adapter is used.

Here I will go into more detail about how to use different dies with your cutting machine. As well as why some dies work with some machines while others do not.

AccuQuilt GO cutter open with a die

What dies can I use in my AccuQuilt GO!

The Accuquilt Go! family of die cutting machines can only use GO! dies, Blue Wren dies and Crafters Edge dies. GO! Dies are 0.472” (1.20 cm) thick so any die used must be equal or thinner.

Blue Wren does not need an adapter and the included cutting pads will work in all the GO! machines.

Crafters Edge dies will work in the GO! only, not with the GO!Me or GO!Big. An adapter is required to use and can be purchased from Crafters Edge.

It’s always important to remember the maximum die width of each machine. The GO!Me takes dies up to 6” wide, the GO! uses dies up to 10” wide, and GO!Big uses dies up to 14” wide.

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What dies can I use in my AccuQuilt Studio 2?

The AccuQuilt Studio 2 can use a wide range of dies. Many will need a specific adapter to work in the machine since Studio 2 dies are 0.937” (2.38 cm) thick.

The Studio 2 can use all AccuQuilt dies, all Blue Wren dies, Sizzix Bigz dies, all Ellison dies, and all AccuCut dies.

The GO! dies will need the GO! adapter which is a plastic shim used under the GO! dies on the Studio tray. Blue Wren dies can also be used with the GO! adapter.

Sizzix Bigz and Ellison Surecut and Allstar dies need an adapter. The adapter is sold by AccuCut or by Sizzix, more on this later.

All AccuCut dies work in the Studio 2 without a special adapter.

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Do Blue Wren dies work in my Accuquilt?

Blue Wren is the only other die manufacturer that will work with all GO! cutting machines, assuming you purchase dies that are the right width for your machine. Remember the GO! can fit dies up to 10” wide, the GO!Me fits dies up to 6” and the GO!Big fits dies up to 14”. 

Norma and Edward, the owners of Blue Wren, designed their product to be a versatile die that would fit in the majority of cutting machines on the market.  The combination of die and mat makes this possible.  Blue Wren 6” x 12” dies are actually slightly less wide than GO! dies so they will work in all Sizzix cutters too. A 6″ GO! dies is actually 6¼” wide which means it will not fit in a Sizzix Big Shot cutter that needs dies less than 6″ wide.

Blue Wren will also work with the AccuQuilt Studio with the GO! adapter. For a Sizzix Fabi or Big Shot, use two Blue Wren mats underneath and one on top. 

You can use the included Blue Wren mat or use your Accuquilt cutting mat with their dies. Norma actually recommends using the Blue Wren cutting mats when cutting Blue Wren dies with a Studio 2, or Sizzix, never the hard plastic mat. 

Keep in mind the Blue Wren cutting mats will curl a bit when passed through your machine. Just flip the mat over for the next cut to flatten it out. These mats are actually semi self-healing. They are constructed from 3 layers of plastic, with a tough middle layer and softer outer layers. 

screen capture from blue wren dies

Is it worth it to buy Blue Wren dies versus Accuquilt?

This question comes up all the time in the AccuQuilt Facebook group but most agree that it is worth it to purchase Blue Wren dies. Especially if they have a die you really want or if you are looking for something custom. 

Blue Wren is based in Australia. They are a small company, basically, just Norma and Edward, that creates beautiful handmade dies. All dies are made by hand and computer operated machinery by Edward in Australia. 

There are two issues quilters have with Blue Wren: shipping and sales. 

If you are based in Australia ordering from Blue Wren is likely cheaper than Accuquilt. They have free shipping over $200AUD for those in Australia. 

For those in the USA, the shipping cost tends to make quilters think twice about ordering. Most quilters agree the shipping cost is offset by the included cutting mats. Each die purchased from Blue Wren includes a cutting mat, which you would normally need to buy separately with Accuquilt (starting at $22 for two).

The smaller 6” x 12” dies also come with a clear lid included in the price.  The larger dies, the 10” x 10” and the 10” x 15” have clear lids available for purchase separately. The lids protect your dies during travel and storage.

Shipping costs are calculated at check out so you have no nasty surprises. They will even repay any over-payment if they find they can ship it for less.  

As for sales, Blue Wren does not do sales/discounts/coupons/wholesale. As I mention Blue Wren is a small company that makes their dies by hand. They have priced their dies as inexpensively as possible while still making a living for themselves. 

The plus side of this is that you never need to worry about finding a “better deal”. You will always get the best price possible from Blue Wren when you purchase a die from them. 

Can I use Crafters Edge Dies with Accuquilt?

I recently came across Crafters Edge which also makes fabric dies. They are a little different from the steel ruled dies you like Accuquilt and Blue Wren dies. They are more similar to a Sizzix Thinlet style die. An added bonus is all Crafters Edge dies, called FabDies, are made in the USA.

Crafters Edge dies can be used with the AccuQuilt GO! cutting machine. It requires the use of the Conversion Platform Set made by Crafters Edge. It is only recommended for use in the GO! cutter and is not compatible with the GO!Big, GO!Me or the Studio2.

I have read of quilters trying the Conversion Platform with the Go!Big but the die sandwich would not feed through the machine. I also have heard from Studio 2 owners that the Studio 2 has too much pressure and will crack the cutting edge of the die.

There are mixed reviews of how well these dies actually cut. Based on my research you can cut 4 layers of high quality quilting cotton or 6 layers of thinner cotton. But some quilters still say the Conversion Platform does not cut well. You may need to experiment and add a shim.

Crafter Edge dies can be found on Amazon or purchased directly from their website.

Crafter's Edge Fab Dies Beautiful Posey Flowers 2, 8 Piece Die Set
  • Tammy Tutterow Heartfelt Stitches Collection
  • See exactly where you are cutting and have full control over die placement on fabric
  • No sharp edges or cutting blades. Lightweight, easy to handle and store

How to Use the Conversion Platform from Crafters Edge

The system works a little differently than the Accuquilt dies you may have used before. The conversion platform has a plastic base plate, a metal adapter plate, and a clear plastic plate.

The sandwich goes as follows starting at the bottom:

  • Plastic base plate
  • Metal adapter plate
  • Fabric
  • Die – thin cutting edge down
  • Clear plastic plate

Can I use Sizzix dies in my Accuquilt?

Sizzix Bigz dies will not work with the Accuquilt GO! line of cutters. They are too thick to fit through the opening of the GO!, GO!Me and GO!Big. Sizzix dies are 0.616” (1.56 cm) thick while Accuquilt GO! dies are 0.472” (1.20 cm) thick.

Sizzix Thinlet and Framelet dies also will not work in an AccuQuilt cutter. Though some crafters have had success cutting fabric with these dies using their Sizzix cutting machine.

If you own an Accuquilt Studio 2 you can use Sizzix Bigz dies with your die cutter but you need the correct adapter. The Studio dies are thicker than Sizzix dies.

The adapter you will need for your Studio 2 to use Sizzix steel ruled dies is actually an adapter from AccuQuilt’s sister company AccuCut. The adapter is the GrandeMARK Tray Adapter Sizzix, Ellison AllStar. It is made for the GrandMark machine which is essentially the same as the Studio just marketed to papercrafts. But with this setup, you are limited to dies shorter than 19” which excludes the Sizzix XL dies.

Another adapter option is the adapter from LoveBug Studios. It uses the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Extended Adapter Pad and Extended Cutting Pad. You can buy them separately from Sizzix or Amazon but you will get two Extended Cutting Pads and you only need one from this die sandwich.

The sandwich should be layered as follows starting at the bottom:

  • Extended Studio Tray
  • Sizzix Big Shot Pro Extended Adapter Pad
  • Sizzix Big Shot Pro Extended Cutting Pad
  • Sizzix Bigz Die – cutting side up
  • Fabric – up to 8 layers of cotton
  • Studio Cutting Mat

Are Ellison Dies compatible with my Accuquilt?

Ellison Allstar and Surecut dies can be used in the Accuquilt Studio 2. They are too thick to work in the GO! family of machines. Ellison is actually a partner brand of Sizzix.

To use Ellison dies you will need an adapter just like the Sizzix Bigz dies. Either the AccuCut the GrandeMARK Tray Adapter Sizzix, Ellison AllStar or the Sizzix Extended Adapter Pad and Cutting Pad as mentioned above.

Ellison dies are typically made to cut paper versus fabric. They may not cut fabric well because of this as the blade tends to be sharpened differently.

While Ellison die may not cut fabric well, if you want to get into paper crafting there is no reason you can’t use your Studio to cut paper. Just keep your paper dies for paper and your fabric dies for fabric for a longer lifespan.

star shaped die cut quilt block
File ID 85641877 | ©Maxcab |

Will AccuCut Dies work with AccuQuilt?

AccuCut is the sister company to AccuQuilt. But AccuCut is targeted at paper crafters and scrapbookers while AccuQuilt is specifically meant for fabric and quilting.

AccuCut dies will work in the AccuQuilt Studio 2. No special adapter is needed, they will be used the exact same as a Studio die.

AccuCut dies are not compatible with the AccuQuilt GO! series of machines. This is because they are much much thicker than the opening of the machine.

As I mentioned with the Ellison dies, AccuCut is designed and made for cutting paper so they may not work well with fabric. But if you want to do some fun paper crafts then you can add some AccuCut dies to your library.

Will using other dies void your AccuQuilt cutting machine warranty?

The GO! series of cutters has a 1 year warranty that can be extended by another 6 months if you register online. The Studio 2 cutter has a 3 year warranty.

These warranties will cover manufacturing defects. This does not include “improper use”. I contacted AccQuilt to find out if using other dies will void your machine’s warranty.

This was the response from AccuQuilt Support. “AccuQuilt dies are created to work only with AccuQuilt machines. At this time we can’t make any claim as to whether another company’s items are compatible, but to answer your question, yes: if damage were caused by a 3rd party die it would void the Accuquilt warranty.”

If your machine is past its warranty then you don’t need to worry. But if at any time you feel that a die is not going through your machine properly it’s best to not force it and risk damaging your machine.

Final Thoughts

While AccuQuilt has numerous dies available it’s fun to see what other options are available from other manufacturers. Just remember the dies you can use will depend on which machine you have.

Studio machines can use the widest variety of dies including, all AccuQuilt dies, Blue Wren dies, Sizzix Bigz dies, Ellison dies, and AccuCut dies.

The GO! can use all GO! and Blue Wren dies less than 10″ wide. As well as Crafters Edge dies.

The GO!Me can use all GO! and Blue Wren dies less than 6″ wide. While the GO!Big can use all GO! and Blue Wren dies.

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