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Is Cricut Design Space Free?

Is Design Space Free

There’s a lot of confusion out there to whether or not Cricut Design Space is actually free. People buy a new Cricut machine like the Cricut Maker (check out our Maker Review) or Cricut Explore, get a free Access trial, and later find out they need to pay money to…
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Silhouette Cameo 4 vs Cricut Maker

After the Cricut Maker was released, I had been wondering when Silhouette was going to come out with a new cutting machine. Well, the Cricut Maker finally has a contender! The Silhouette Cameo 4! Even though the Silhouette isn’t officially released (the Silhouette Cameo 4 has a release date of…
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USCutter MH Machine Review

USCutter MH Series Review

Welcome to this review of the USCutter MH Vinyl Cutter machine. This review is designed to be a no-nonsense, unbiased look at a good quality vinyl cutter machine you will enjoy using for your small business and personal needs. Amazon Price The machine is relatively easy to use after a…
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How to Link Cartridges with the Cricut Maker

Link Cartridges on the Cricut Maker

Does the Cricut Maker use cartridges? The answer is ‘no’, but there are still ways to link your cartridges. Keep reading, because in this article we’ll show you how to link Cartridges with the Cricut Maker. Does the Cricut Maker Use Cartridges? The Cricut Maker does not use physical cartridges directly, as…
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Getting Started with Cricut

Introduction to Cricut

So, you’re either looking to buy a new Cricut machine or looking to get started with your current machine, great! This getting started guide for beginners will walk you through everything you need to know, from picking the right machine, understanding the various tools, and an overview of the Cricut…
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How to Cut Basswood with the Cricut Maker

How to Cut Basswood With the Cricut Maker

To learn how to cut basswood with the Cricut Maker, there are a few things you’ll need to know. Here you will learn how to pick out the right kind of basswood, prepare it for cutting, and finally, how to cut the basswood.Let’s get started! What Do I Need to…
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Printable Vinyl – What Is It and How Does It Work?

What is Printable Vinyl?

Wait, they have printable vinyl?? Yep! And they even have printable HTV too! But hang on, knowing the differences between the different types of printable vinyl can get a little confusing. Some of the questions we often see are “how does printable vinyl work?”, “can I print on vinyl with…
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What Does “Attach” Do in Design Space?

What Does Attach Do In Design Space

The Attach Tool in Cricut Design Space is something that can be a little confusing at first. If you’re just getting started with your Cricut machine, you’re probably wondering what does the Attach button does, and what the difference is between Attach, Weld, and Group. In this article, we’ll explain how…
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How to Weld in Cricut Design Space

How to Weld In Design Space

Welding is one of the tools you’ll use a lot in Cricut Design Space, along with Slice. The Welding tool allows you to attach or merge multiple images together to make a new single image. It even works with fonts. If you’ve ever used Illustrator, “weld” is the same as…
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How to Slice in Cricut Design Space

How to Slice in Design Space

If you’re wondering how to Slice in Cricut Design Space, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain everything step by step so you’ll be ready to go! We’ll also talk about some Slicing tricks you can do to crop your Cricut images and show you how you can cut images larger…
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