What Can the Cricut Maker Cut

The Cricut Maker can cut a huge range of materials from delicate fabric like tulle to 3/32″ balsa wood and 2.4mm tooling leather.

You can read my full review of the Cricut Maker for more information about the machine.

Here is a list of what materials the Cricut Maker can cut as well as what blade to use, cutting force needed and if it needs the multi-cut function.

MaterialCut PressureMulti-cutBlade Type
2-3 oz. Garment Leather3004xKnife Blade
2-3 oz. Tooling Leather2020OffRotary Blade
4-5 oz. Garment Leather3004xKnife Blade
4-5 oz. Tooling Leather4006xKnife Blade
6-7 oz. Tooling Leather (2.4mm)45016xKnife Blade
Acetate3192xFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Foil121OffFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Foil, Matte161OffFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Sheet, Double-Sided250OffFine-Point Blade
Aluminum Foil78OffDeep-Point Blade
Balsa - 1/16 in.2004xKnife Blade
Balsa - 3/32 in.3007xKnife Blade
Bamboo Fabric1041OffRotary Blade
Basswood - 1/16 in.75014xKnife Blade
Basswood - 1/32 in.38118xKnife Blade
Bengaline1745OffRotary Blade
Birch, Permanent Adhesive350OffFine-Point Blade
Boucle2365OffRotary Blade
Broadcloth1370OffRotary Blade
Burlap3163OffRotary Blade
Burn-Out Velvet1410OffRotary Blade
Calico1608OffRotary Blade
Cambric1785OffRotary Blade
Canvas1925OffRotary Blade
Carbon Fiber138OffFine-Point Blade
Cardstock (for intricate cuts)1822xFine-Point Blade
Cardstock, Adhesive-Backed314OffFine-Point Blade
Cashmere1424OffRotary Blade
Cereal Box348OffDeep Point Blade
Chalkboard Vinyl175OffFine-Point Blade
Challis1040OffRotary Blade
Chambray1680OffRotary Blade
Chantilly Lace1540OffRotary Blade
Charmeuse Satin1695OffRotary Blade
Chiffon684OffRotary Blade
Chintz1505OffRotary Blade
Clear Printable Sticker Paper229Off Fine-Point Blade
Colored Duct Tape120OffFine-Point Blade
Construction Paper168OffFine-Point Blade
Copy Paper - 20 lb126OffFine-Point Blade
Corduroy1725OffRotary Blade
Corrugated Cardboard278OffFine-Point Blade
Corrugated Paper329OffDeep-Point Blade
Cotton1850OffRotary Blade
Cotton, Bonded286OffBonded Fabric Blade
Craft Foam182OffDeep-Point Blade
Crepe Charmeuse1430OffRotary Blade
Crepe de Chine1610OffRotary Blade
Crepe Paper958OffRotary Blade
Crepe-back Satin2000OffRotary Blade
Cutting Mat Protector310OffFine-Point Blade
Damask1838OffRotary Blade
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle)800OffRotary Blade
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle), Bonded125OffBonded Fabric Blade
Deluxe Paper273OffFine-Point Blade
Denim1943OffRotary Blade
Denim, Bonded3252xBonded Fabric Blade
Dotted Swiss1339OffRotary Blade
Double Cloth1438OffRotary Blade
Double Knit1605OffRotary Blade
Dry Erase Vinyl130OffFine-Point Blade
Duck Cloth2110OffRotary Blade
Duct Tape Sheet122OffFine-Point Blade
Dupioni Silk1830Off Rotary Blade
Embossed Foil Paper272OffFine-Point Blade
EVA Foam107Off Deep-Point Blade
Extra Heavy Fabrics (like Burlap)3800OffRotary Blade
Eyelet1619OffRotary Blade
Faille1873OffRotary Blade
Faux Fur2050OffRotary Blade
Faux Leather (Paper Thin)260OffFine-Point Blade
Faux Suede250OffFine-Point Blade
Faux Suede1885OffRotary Blade
Felt1482xFine-Point Blade
Felt, Acrylic Fabric1995OffRotary Blade
Felt, Craft Bonded2002xBonded Fabric Blade
Felt, Glitter Bonded2214OffRotary Blade
Felt, Stiff175OffFine-Point Blade
Felt, Wool Bonded2752xFine-Point Blade
Felt, Wool Fabric1593Off Rotary Blade
Flannel1955OffRotary Blade
Flat Cardboard258OffFine-Point Blade
Fleece1813OffRotary Blade
Flex Foam1915OffRotary Blade
Flocked Iron-On152Off Fine-Point Blade
Flocked Paper2992xFine-Point Blade
Foil Acetate 2922x Fine-Point Blade
Foil Iron-On138OffFine-Point Blade
Foil Paper - 0.36mm2742xFine-Point Blade
Foil Poster Board333OffFine-Point Blade
Foulard1368OffRotary Blade
Freezer Paper128OffFine-Point Blade
Fusible Fleece1739OffRotary Blade
Fusible Interfacing817OffRotary Blade
Gabardine1854OffRotary Blade
Gauze1369OffRotary Blade
Gel Sheet3354xDeep-Point Blade
Genuine Leather3152xDeep-Point Blade
Georgette1143OffRotary Blade
Glitter Cardstock2632xFine-Point Blade
Glitter Craft Foam214OffFine-Point Blade
Glitter Duct Tape2712xFine-Point Blade
Glitter Iron-On205OffFine-Point Blade
Glitter Vinyl75OffFine-Point Blade
Gossamer958OffRotary Blade
Grocery Bag215OffFine-Point Blade
Grois Point3540OffRotary Blade
Grosgrain2228OffRotary Blade
Habutai1250OffRotary Blade
Handmade Paper1729Off Rotary Blade
Heat Transfer219OffFine-Point Blade
Heather1261OffRotary Blade
Heavy Chipboard - 2.0mm65020xKnife Blade
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim)3200OffRotary Blade
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim), Bonded3252xBonded Fabric Blade
Heavy Patterned Paper152OffFine-Point Blade
Heavy Watercolor Paper - 140 lb343OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Cardstock321OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Heat Transfer219OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Sparkle Vinyl164OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Vinyl152OffFine-Point Blade
Homespun Fabric1723OffRotary Blade
Insulbrite Batting1860OffRotary Blade
Interlock Knit1926OffRotary Blade
Iron-On118OffFine-Point Blade
Iron-On, Holographic Sparkle - 0.1mm216OffFine-Point Blade
Jacquard1953OffRotary Blade
Jersey1520OffRotary Blade
Jute2843OffRotary Blade
Kevlar2217OffRotary Blade
Khaki2110OffRotary Blade
Kraft Board2782xFine-Point Blade
Kraft Cardstock270OffFine-Point Blade
La Coste1104OffRotary Blade
Lame981OffRotary Blade
Light Cardstock - 60 lb238OffFine-Point Blade
Light Chipboard - 0.37mm2852xFine-Point Blade
Light Cotton1750OffRotary Blade
Light Fabrics (like Silk)1200OffRotary Blade
Light Fabrics (like Silk), Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Light Patterned Paper152OffFine-Point Blade
Linen2148OffRotary Blade
Linen, Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Lycra1250Off Rotary Blade
Magnetic Sheet - 0.5mm3202xFine-Point Blade
Magnetic Sheet - 0.6mm3586xDeep-Point Blade
Matboard 4 Ply4508xKnife Blade
Matelasse3597OffRotary Blade
Matte Vinyl134OffFine-Point Blade
Medium Cardstock - 80 lb273OffFine-Point Blade
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton)2100OffRotary Blade
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton), Bonded286OffBonded Fabric Blade
Melton Wool2493OffRotary Blade
Mesh1385OffRotary Blade
Metal - 40 gauge thin2562xFine-Point Blade
Metallic Leather3144xDeep-Point Blade
Metallic Poster Board3502xFine-Point Blade
Metallic Vinyl132OffFine-Point Blade
Microfiber1708OffRotary Blade
Moiree580OffRotary Blade
Moleskin2600OffRotary Blade
Monk's Cloth3295OffRotary Blade
Mulberry Foil Paper163OffFine-Point Blade
Mulberry Paper2369OffRotary Blade
Muslin1595OffRotary Blade
Neoprene3002xDeep-Point Blade
Notebook Paper191OffFine-Point Blade
Nylon684OffRotary Blade
Oil Cloth, Bonded2502xBonded Fabric Blade
Oilcloth1433OffRotary Blade
Organza1265OffRotary Blade
Ottoman2023OffRotary Blade
Outdoor Vinyl, Bonded2752xBonded Fabric Blade
Oxford1985OffRotary Blade
Paint Chip293OffFine-Point Blade
Panne Velvet1425OffRotary Blade
Paper, Adhesive-Backed210OffFine-Point Blade
Parchment Paper181OffFine-Point Blade
Party Foil277OffFine-Point Blade
Patterned Glitter Cardstock2992xFine-Point Blade
Patterned Iron-On99OffFine-Point Blade
Pearl Paper1192xFine-Point Blade
Peau de Soie1545OffRotary Blade
Photo Paper338OffFine-Point Blade
Pima Cotton1515OffRotary Blade
Pique Cotton2240OffRotary Blade
Plastic Canvas2812xDeep-Point Blade
Plastic Packaging3142xFine-Point Blade
Plisse1513OffRotary Blade
Plush1450OffRotary Blade
Polyester, Bonded3002xBonded Fabric Blade
Poplin1933OffRotary Blade
Poster Board242OffFine-Point Blade
Poster Board3002xFine-Point Blade
Premium Outdoor Vinyl119OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Printable Fabric199OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Foil293OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Iron-On, Dark99OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Iron-On, Light99OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Magnetic Sheet242OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Quilt Batting1833OffRotary Blade
Ramie1455OffRotary Blade
Raschel Knit2278OffRotary Blade
Rayon Lyocell1415OffRotary Blade
Rib Knit1585OffRotary Blade
Rice Paper70OffDeep-Point Blade
Rip-Stop Nylon1549OffRotary Blade
Sailcloth2610OffRotary Blade
Sandblast Stencil1902xDeep-Point Blade
Satin Silk1833OffRotary Blade
Seersucker1645OffRotary Blade
Sequined2570OffRotary Blade
Shantung1590OffRotary Blade
Shantung Santeen1743OffRotary Blade
Shimmer Leather - 1mm2533xFine-Point Blade
Shimmer Paper2982xFine-Point Blade
Silk China1640OffRotary Blade
Silk, Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Slinky Knit1830OffRotary Blade
Spandex1655OffRotary Blade
Sparkle Paper2922xFine-Point Blade
SportFlex Iron-On118OffFine-Point Blade
Stencil Film - 0.4mm273OffFine-Point Blade
Stencil Vinyl110OffFine-Point Blade
Sticker Paper222Off Fine-Point Blade
Sticker Paper, Removable106Off Fine-Point Blade
Sticky Note193OffFine-Point Blade
Suede1610OffRotary Blade
Tafetta1405OffRotary Blade
Tattoo Paper277Off Fine-Point Blade
Terry Cloth2533OffRotary Blade
Tissue Paper1308OffRotary Blade
Transfer Foil112OffFine-Point Blade
Transfer Sheet1162xFine-Point Blade
Transparency308OffFine-Point Blade
Tulle729OffRotary Blade
Tweed1495OffRotary Blade
Ultra Firm Stabilizer2488OffRotary Blade
Vellum239OffFine-Point Blade
Velour2083OffRotary Blade
Velvet Upholstery2134OffRotary Blade
Velveteen2034OffRotary Blade
Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Viscose918OffRotary Blade
Voile1267Off Rotary Blade
Waffle Cloth2883OffRotary Blade
Washi Sheet85OffFine-Point Blade
Wax Paper169OffFine-Point Blade
Window Cling99OffFine-Point Blade
Wool Crepe1174OffRotary Blade
Wrapping Paper159OffFine-Point Blade
Ziberline1883OffRotary Blade