TODO Die Cut Multi-Functional Crafting Machine

There’s an interesting die cut machine that was recently announced by Create and Craft called the TODO. The TODO crafting machine is more than a die cut machine, it can also emboss, letterpress, and hot foil. What’s really neat about this machine is that the rollers are adjustable. Instead of trying to get the exact embossing “depth” that you want, you can adjust the roller height to change the pressure.

Check out the TODO promotional video below:

Todo machine capabilities and features

Okay, the machine can’t do everything as the video claims. Here’s a list of some of the things it can do:

  • Hot Foiling – Hot Foil Stamping using the TODO hot foil plate, templates, and foils to transfer beautiful foiled designs onto your projects, using heat and pressure. Create a glorious gilded style, perfect for any craft.
  • Letterpress – Letterpress using the template plates and archival ink onto paper and cardstock, creating a beautiful, personalized and embossed letterpress finish. Embossing powders and micas are then used to enhance the simple, yet effective, pressed paper.
  • Die-Cutting – TODO will die-cut all leading dies with ease – the handle glides and cuts with minimum effort. Using the adjustable dial, you can be sure to always have the right pressure for the perfect cuts.
  • Embossing – TODO will work with most leading embossing folders – why not use the adjustable rollers to create different levels of embossing? Increase the pressure for a deeper emboss or go soft and decrease the pressure to get a gentle embossed finish.

The machine does have some neat features:

  • Folding handle to save space
  • Adjustable roller height for embossing
  • Removable hot foil plate
  • Hot foil light indicator
  • Measuring guide on working surface

Where to buy the TODO machine

Unfortunately for US folks, the machine is only available through, which is in the UK. You can go to their site and sign up for their newsletter to receive updates on purchasing the machine.

Final thoughts

The TODO die cut machine seems like a nice machine, and the hot foil press and adjustable pressure dial makes it really unique, something we have never seen before. It does have more features than a manual die cut machine, however, there are some things we don’t seem to like. One drawback of the machine seems is that there seems to be a lot of hand cranking to move the roller from one side to the other.

What are your thoughts on the machine? Let us know by leaving a comment!

117 thoughts on “TODO Die Cut Multi-Functional Crafting Machine”

  1. Do you know of any other foils apart from TODO’s that will work in this machine as Create and Craft have failed in supplying everyone with foils

    • Tricia, good question! I don’t know what other foils will work. That’s something I could learn more about. Create and Craft did make an announcement on their facebook page about the foils:

      Hi Crafters, due to the popularity of our Christmas Event we have experienced a slight delay with the despatch of the TODO Foils. The orders are being despatched now and should be with you in the next 3-5 working days. The TODO machines and free bundles are unaffected. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards C&C

      Hope this helps!

      • ebay in the UK have lots of choice, and they are cheaper than create and craft. if the foil says it can be used in a Dragon then it can also be used in the TODO

    • I have finally received the first lot of foils I ordered at the same time as the machine on the first show. I’ve
      since ordered different colours and am still waiting for these. They seem to be so keen on selling that they aren’t really prepared for the volume of orders they got. It was obvious the foils we’re going to be very popular. Delivery has got very slow lately on most items. I have many kinds of foils including for the dragon but a friend tried them all but with little success except with the Todo foils. I have also found that the plates move when die cutting. I haven’t quite got the hang of turning the knob to the various numbers as my eyesight is not good and I can’t quite see where I’m at lining it up. A lot of money for yet another machine that doesn’t quite deliver the goods c&c say it does. Isn’t it time they got back to selling reasonably priced items instead of all these large bundles that cost a fortune?

      • Hello i so want to buy this machine and if it has to come from the UK then fine i’m Just concerned about the plug we have 110v outlet and from what i keep reading their plug is different .did you have to buy an adapter? Or are you from the UK> and if you don’t mind me asking,i cant figure out what the cost is in UK money. Is it running around 400.00? Thank you for your responce.
        If you write back the M in Madison must be small cap i will not get the email if it comes i cap

  2. It would be a great machine if it would die cut other dies an not jut the TODO ones, spent 3 days now trying to cut a Sue Wilson die from her French collection, my plates look like I have been using it for years an I ain’t got a die cut to show for it, as for the foils even though create an craft say only the TODO ones will work I have been informed the foils that were brought for the craft dragon do work, but I don’t have any to try. But if it won’t cut other dies I don’t care about the foils because I will be sending bac

    • I thiught it wa just me but i am having same ptoblem cutting my tonic dies. I will wait until my foils arrive before i make final decision on this machine but so far it dies nit look good.

      • im struggling to cut dies I must admit very disappointed ive got on right setting and right plates x

      • It does cut all dies. I’ve used Tattered lace and Spellbinders on it for perfect cust.

        Yesterday, I tried the hot foiling and it worked perfectly. I don’t have any cotton cardstock so I can’t try the letter pressing.

        • My D plate is totally warped and unusable since using this machine over the weekend.

          You can view pictures of the plate on C&C’s reviews if they approve the review and put it up.

          • My D plate is totally warped as well and can’t die cut tonic or tattered lace and the marks on D plate transfer into card stock I’m TRYING TO CUT. Total waste of money and can’t buy replacement plates !!!!

    • I have a todo and I cut all makes of dies with it. Maybe you need to adjust the pressure for the different makes. Only thing I don’t like is it will only foil using the todo foils

  3. Just got the foils I ordered today…late as the machine came days ago!!! Not impressed at all! Foiling die moves when roller carriage is rolling over the top of the plate so the foiled impression is reproduced in duplicate in places!
    Not good at letterpressing for same reason and it cuts up the paper at the edges or doesn’t print the centre parts if the pressure is lessened…so you cant win!

    • Thanks for the input Elizabeth! Sorry that you had a bad experience. Time will tell how good the machine is once other users start using it as well.

    • Liked your comments – so glad I have not purchased a Todo, as so far quite a few people are unimpressed

  4. My foils are now here and my cotton paper purchase has also arrived for my letterpressing – unlike previous postings my foiling is very impressive. I have foiled the sentiments and the blossom background and I am just about to make a card from my foiled sentiments and background.

    Mine is not going back 🙂

  5. Ordered my Todo on launch day and it arrived yesterday. I haven’t been able to use it successfully yet since whenever I turn the handle it moves (the handle) to an awkward angle since it doesn’t seem to lock in place. Create and Craft suggested I return it but after struggling to carry it up to my craft room and then struggle to manoeuvre it out of box I am reluctant to return it. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • I also find the handle jiggles about as you use it and the plates move which is very annoying and why can’t they make plates that curl up when you’ve used them a few times

      • Sorry I should have said–Why cant they make plates that DONT curl up when you’ve used them a few times

        • As far as the small thin plate getting out of shape (mine). My husband looked at it and said it’s plexiglass and had a sheet of it from Lowes and it’s the same thickness. He’s going to cut me up larger plates so I can have a bunch on hand. He said the cutting tool is inexpensive at Lowes.

          • Follow-up to my reply. The plexiglass won’t work for long as it’ll crack.

            I went to Lowes and they had the exact size needed for $2.97 each.

            I used it about 6 times and then it started cracking as it’s too stiff.

    • I had the same problem. The website was down on taking orders, so a young lady phoned me to take my order. I told her I wanted the Todo with accessories bundle. She ordered the wrong one, so I had to send the whole order back and reorder to include the free bundle. That arrived the other day. My folks arrived weeks ago.

        • Same thing happened to me Now they say the wrong machine was ordered, and that I could send it back and reorder, very disappointed

    • Hi, I remember on one of the shows that CC said that to make sure you ordered the correct machine/bundle. One of these was the machine plus bits and bobs, the other just the machine. I am not sure why they did this as I reckon a few people may have ordered the incorrect one. I would send yours back and reorder with the bundle if you are still within time or speak nicely to customer care. Good luck

  6. I’ve tried all different brands of dies with very good results. The foiling is, to say the least, frustrating. The hot plate is not big enough. My free letterpress plate that came with TODO only just fits the hot plate and because the plates travel as you turn the handle, I have been left with a couple of nasty little scuffs on the base plate where the letterpress plate has travelled. I think this machine was released too early. The A and B plates should not travel as the roller goes over them. There should be an end stopper, so the plates can’t go anywhere. C&C have said that TODO are working on a larger hot plate, which, to me is like an admission that they knew it wasn’t big enough in the first place. I would therefore expect to receive the right size hot plate free of charge as a form of compensation. I would not want to incur any more expense as it was quite expensive enough.

  7. I ordered my Todo machine at launch. Ounce I got the hang of the dial I have been able to cut any dies beautifully. It also embosses well. Once the foil arrived I found the results stunning. I then ordered some more foiling plates which took over 2 weeks to arrive. So I agree with the lax delivery of C&C. I have found that the machine does all it is advertised to do and I love it. It will not be going back.

    • I struggled at the beginning with the plates moving. But my todo seems to have bedded in and I am getting fantastic results with die cutting using giro quick cuts and sizzix and tonic dies, you just need to play with using shims etc . Foiling is fun .hang in there and jeep playing .

  8. Hi, as regards to the new Todo machine, well, after a nightmare when the first machine arrived and it wasn’t complete, then spending a fortune on telephone calls to send it back, I finally got the new order a couple of days ago. So far, NOT impressed with it at all. It does not do a clean cut on slightly more intricate dies ( not even attempted the Tatered lace ones yet!). If you try and run the die for a second cut it shreds the parts that have cut. Adjusted the rollers trying various levels, even worse. Tried using an A4 metal shim, a little improvement. The Todo dies do not cut cleanly either on my machine, so tried on my old Calibur, perfect cut. The Todo seems to cut the outer part of the die, but not the middle stretch. Is my machine Justin faulty, or are other people having the same problem. Embossing folders do work if the rollers are adjusted, however I find it very difficult turning the handle! I feel as though I have wasted my money as they made this contraption look so easy to use. Like the person in an earlier comment, my plates look in worse condition than my Grand Calibur plates which have been used for 3 years!

    • Mine is exactly the same Paula…Middle not cutting or embossing properly, just marking a pattern on the card. I thought it was me at first but we can’t all be wrong can we?

  9. I bought the todo when it first came out problem cannot cut tonic dies, Sue Wilson dies, some spellbinders dies and couture dies….paid so much for what

  10. It took me a little while to get the hang of it but have found that everything works well. All the dies I have (and I have many from a wide range of brands) cut cleanly. Embossing works well too. I have had no difficulty with foiling. I will be interested in the larger foiling plate when it arrives. Had it been in the original, it would have made the machine much more expensive so I think they have done the right thing in starting with a small one and offering a large one as an option. I have also used stamps with it – very clean end result.

    I was a little frustrated at the start but glad I persevered – its mechanics are very different from all the others so getting used to that was the main challenge.

    I will be working it in tandem with my ScanNCut.

    • I am waiting for my todo and am quite nervous after reading all these comments. I am glad to see you mention stamping, which is what made me buy it but I can’t find anywhere how to do the stamping!

      • Look on create and craft or you tube, I recorded all the episodes after I bought mine it was a great help.

    • Hi – I’m new at this craft. Please let me know what dies you have. I have tattered lace, Couture, and a few others that will not cut or emboss. It could be I am not layering it correctly.Think it will going back.

  11. I feel a little better after reading these comments that it’s not just me having problems with the TODO, but then a little frustrated that it is the machine and not me!!
    I’ve tried cutting various dies, various materials, on various pressure depths and haven’t been able to get a clean cut yet.
    The plates move too much when you increase the pressure, on a lighter pressure I’ve had brand new tonic dies through 4 times and still detail is missing. As previous comments, I’ve had smudging when trying to hot foil, paper being cut when letterpressing, the only thing I’ve been able to do successfully so far is embossing.
    I’ve watched many of the demos, re-watched the videos and read the instruction booklet over again, I ordered the TODO after seeing how easy it looked to use………….but after 3 days of playing with it, changing settings and wasting countless cardstock & foil I returned to my trusty big shot & got a perfect cut straight away.
    Will persevere with it a little longer but so far I am disappointed with it.
    If anybody has answers to what I may be doing wrong I’d love to hear them as I really want this machine to work after spending so much on it.

  12. Can I suggest anyone unhappy with TODO to send it back for a refund PRONTO before they change their mind!!!
    After mine failing to cut its own “compatible” dies it made a huge “CRraaCKING” sound and CAME APART AND SPLIT on top of the rolling carriage, on the metal seam opposite the handle and was rendered unusable!
    So much for C and Cs claim about parts of it being made in a car manufacturing company and being robust!!!!

    • I purchased the TODO as a gift for my wife. We had seen it on TV and thought it would be a really useful piece of machinery for my wife’s small craft business. The machine finally arrived after two weeks of waiting and was set up on a workbench. With great anticipation, we tried to emboss using a TODO folder. The result was really poor quality embossing, despite following the recommended guidelines and watching the video demos on the C and C website. The die cutting results were worse. Only the TODO die cut through with a clean cut and then there was no suggestion of how to get the embossed effect from the die. No other thin metal dies could be cut on any of the recommended settings. After a final attempt at cutting, the machine roller gave a loud CRACK and seized up. (Someone else has mentioned a similar incident). We can’t even comment on the hot foiling as we couldn’t even try this out due to the machine breaking. Within around three hours of delivery, the machine is on its way back to Create and Craft – we are thoroughly disappointed, especially after being told it was such a heavy duty, multi purpose machine! I won’t be ordering another one!

    • This is crazy after two days of usage, my TODO to the right of the handle above the rollers on the white shell. I’ve been on the phone calls all day trying to get someone that can speak English well enough to understand me.

      All I want is a replacement machine and D plate and for them to pay the return postage of the machine.

  13. Just wondered if anybody has had any feedback from create & craft regarding these problems or if they’ve successfully returned their machines??

  14. Hi. I submitted an earlier post regarding the problems I was having with the TODO. Well after emailing Mel Heaton and taking her advice all my dies now seem to be cutting. Her advice was:-

    Use the A plate on the base then your die, then your cardstock. Use tape to secure. Then use your D plate and settings at 4.5. I actually secured my card and die to the D plate itself to avoid the card slipping about. This seems to have solved my problems and I am now getting easy clean cuts even on my fancy tattered lace dies. Will attempt hot foiling next and see where I go from there.

    I hope this helps other people.

    • I have tried using the ‘D’ plate on top but will not go through the machine at the setting of 4.5 the highest I can do is with the pressure at 6 and even then it is a struggle to turn the handle.
      I am by no means a weakling, I just think this machine is rubbish.

      I think I’ll stick to my Letraset for foiling and my Crossover for everything else.

    • I have tried the ‘B’ plate but with the setting on 4.5, I cannot turn the handle. The highest setting I can use is 6 and even then it is a struggle to turn the handle.

      I am by ne means a weakling and in my opinion this TODO machine is rubbish.

      I think I will stick to my Letraset for foiling and my Crossover for everything else.

    • I finally played with TODO last night and went to cut dies.

      For Spellbinders corner flouriesh and Tattered Lace wording I used #5 and the A & D plate and they cut beautiful on Mirror cardstock and reguar cardstock.

      I finally got the TODO rose to fully cut as it wouldn’t cut in the center but did using the D plate.

      For a large Spellbinders oval frame with a lot of detail, I used plates A&B and 7.5 dial and with the mirror cardstock I used 8.5.

      It looks like I’ve been using these plates for years instead of one night.

      The machine embossed beautifully with 1 roll.

      This my first manual die cutting machine.

      I haven’t tried the hot foiling yet.

      My D plate curved now in the center. Does anyone know of any similar plates that I can replace it with in the future?

      I’ll be trying out some more features later today.

    • Hi, Paula,

      Do hope you don’t mind me making contact with you regarding the TODO. I have just done my very first cut with a very intricate Memory Box die, and must say that it cut perfectly.

      I have scoured this site and been unable to find how to make a posting, hence me going down the route of contacting you. Would be delighted if you were able to help me in this regard, please.

      Thanking you in anticipation of your kindness.

      Rita Wilson.

    • Put mine 4 times through using D plate at 4.5 still no luck. Also means you’re stuck with only A5 dies again which kind of defeats the object…..

  15. Not to be defeated by the TODO I’ve been watching more demos this week and am happy to report that some of my problems have been resolved. On the show Mel suggested hot foiling onto a smooth cardstock, I’ve just tried this on ‘adorable scorable’ and was amazed by the difference. Also used a spellbinders sentiment die to hot foil and this worked well too….yeah!
    Regarding the die cutting problems, as Paula above says about using the D plate instead of the B plate, I’ve tried this and am getting better results, although still some movement with the tonic christmas dies even though they’re taped down. Each die needs to be rotated 90 degrees and put through twice. I purchased the TODO so start using larger dies so a little concerned as to how well these are going to work if they needed to be rotated as the larger cardstock won’t fit across the width of the machine.
    I’m sure there must be a way around this so if anybody has tried using larger dies in their machine I’d appreciate their feedback.
    After only a few uses my D plate already looks like a roller coaster it has curled that much, so think the plates will need replacing very soon!!

      • As far as the small thin plate getting out of shape (mine). My husband looked at it and said it’s plexiglass and had a sheet of it from Lowes and it’s the same thickness. He’s going to cut me up larger plates so I can have a bunch on hand. He said the cutting tool is inexpensive at Lowes.

        I’m going to check out their plexiglass to see if they have some in the thickness as the other plates to have on hand. I’ll be bringing the plates to Lowes.

        I love the machine.

  16. what is the angel policy on crafters selling die cuts & foils made with this machine .(I need to know as admin of craft groups)

  17. My TODO arrived today… I used the TODO foils and the Papercraft Foils…all worked beautifully.. I did jiggle around with the settings and the plate looks as though I’ve had it a year..but the results of the foil and die cuts are quite outstanding… I use an Ebosser too for the die cutting prior to hot foiling..I cut out the Tonic ‘Happy Birthday’ die… hot foiled it..and wow!
    It is very different to what I’ve used before…the plate moving took some getting used to..understanding the pressure too… but once you get it in your head it makes sense… so..for me I am a happy bunny…Oh, tried quite a few of my other dies.. Sue Wilson, Tonic, Sizzix, Spellbinders, Marianne, and a few others…all worked just fine…

    • Yes I don’t have any problems with cutting other makes either did take a while to master the pressures etc. It’s a machine that needs to be mastered. Maybe not for the impatient. But I didn’t take to my Gemini straight away. Wasn’t as impressed as most were. Every machine needs mastering as are all different.

  18. I recently received my TODO machine, and was really disappointed with the amount of effort required to get a really quite poor cut on any dies (even they’re own supplied with the machine)have to run dies through several times whilst turning die on plate to try to get and even cut. I have been completely unable to to get a decent image with ANY embossing folders. Have not tried foils yet as they have not yet turned up, BUT THERE’S A VERY VERY GOOD CHANGE THAT THIS MACHINE WILL BE GOING BACK

  19. Well I sent mine back as I was told it was my machine that was faulty, so thy sent out a new one, no green hot foil plate no cutting plates not pick up hot plate tool not even a manual an no free accessorys, so who knows if this one would of cut or not, an so far they have not even got back to me about any of this an I told them just over a week ago. Really getting fed up with cc now

  20. Well, I think I’ve bought a ‘pig in a poke’. Mel Heaton stated that each machine was tested for all 4 tasks, what downright rubbish! I think quite a few have slipped through the net at the testing station. The Todo I received 2 days ago will not foil, letter press nor can it barely cope with embossing folders (very light embossing) dial down a half increment and the handle is too tough to turn and the machine makes a grinding noise. If you’re skimming over as Mel says (as in foiling), nothing happens, and turning the dial to what it says on page 13, it is so tight that the handle is too tight to turn and with any of the ‘in-between’ settings the paper and foil gets all scrunched up and cut. Exactly the same with letter pressing. As for die cutting, I’ve ruined 2 dies in only one pass, they’ve curled like a pretzel along with the ‘B’ plate, (I wish I could post pictures here to show you.) and they’ve not even cut through, only slightly on the outer edges. Cuts better with the ‘D’ plate but only on high pressure and barley able to turn the handle. Extremely disappointed at the results. Not worth the £299.99 I paid for it (Add another £40 for the 2 spellbinder dies that’s been ruined.

  21. Has anyone tried to cut fabric for quilting. I sent two emails to c&c both were read out on line, wanted a demo on using fabric dies, but they seemed reluctant and just assure me that using any fabric dies would work.

  22. Just a suggestion for the ladies whose plates are curling. I haven’t got a ToDo so obviously haven’t tried this, but as the machine is adjustable, if you have a Grand Calibur or other machine that has solid plates, like the Happy Cut or Joy Trouvaille, why not use those plates instead of the rubbish clear plastic bendy ones they are selling with the machine?

    I have a Happy Cut and I have never had a plate bend in that machine, but the plates in my BS curl all the time and have, on occasion, curled the die I was running through as well.

    • Could you give me more info on the plates as I need to replace the D plate on the TODO as is not usable now. It’s a piece of crap. I have pictures of it waiting for the C&C review to put it up.

  23. I was about to order the TODO as I have just given up on my Grand Calibur breaking again but having read all the aforementioned comments I am reluctant to do so until they are resolved. I have always put such great faith in Mel Heaton’s recommendations (I bought the Scan n Cut on her say so) and so I am very disappointed. Has anyone had any comeback from C&C, after all they are the supplier and if the goods are not of a good standard they are responsible. Ah well, back to my faithful Cuttlebug!

    • I am with you I have Anna griffin cuttle bug and the Minc foil machine so happy with both. After hearing all the problems I think I’ll not even bother to get from CC.

    • I have had very good results from my c&c just down loaded update and even better now for scanning colour pictures.

  24. I emailed C&C regarding the problems I’d been having to try die cut, after 2 weeks their response was ‘read the instruction booklet’.
    Really beginning to wish I’d spent my money on a grand calibur instead.

  25. just received my todo machine, and tried a couple of die’s one of their own and another brand both cut fine.
    what i would like to know is,

    can you use normal dies for hot foiling or if you have to use special dies where can i get ones from, can only find todo ones but need wedding and christmas ones. also letter pressing which stamps can i use or do they have to be special ones aswell. again want wedding and christmas ones.

    please help lol

    thank you

  26. Bought the TODO from CC but was too busy at work to try the machine out until I was on holiday from work. I’m beginning to think it was one of my worst purchases. I though the hot foiling was going to be as easy as it looked on the demos, but I have ruined more card than enough! I have tried hot foiling with the patterned plate that came with the machine on a variety of numbers but it either chews up the card or it only foils part of it because the ‘A’ plate moves too much. I have tried everything to stop the plate moving but nothing seems to work.
    I have also tried Tattered Lace dies on a variety of numbers- no luck there either.
    Wish I had never bought the machine.

    • Hi

      I tried the machine for the 1st time last night and used a Tattered Lace sentiment design from their magazine. It cut beautifully on this setting:

      #5 on dial and plates A&D. Another poster said she cut hers on #4.5.

  27. I have been looking forward to the arrival of the new TODO, but I have nothing but bloody fingers and bad results to report. I am an experienced crafter and own several types of die cutting machines and a letterpress. I have read the directions and watched every video I can find, and still my results are horrible. My finger was severely cut trying to get one of the letterpress plates off the packaging. The dies will not cut and the embossing folders will not emboss. The machine is very hard to crank and the plates slide along as the roller moves. I have been reading reviews by other people and most of them are very unhappy with this expensive piece of junk. I don’t think I should have to pay the return shipping on this monster either, but Create and Craft will not help at all. There must be something seriously wrong with it. They need to put better warnings on the packaging of the letterpress plates, they are as sharp as a razor blade. The package says (in small blue letters on the back) That this is an adult craft item and not intended for use by children. It should have huge red letters on the front that say CAUTION, EXTREMELY SHARP. I just hope I can get the blood out of my new carpet.

  28. I, too, am very disappointed in the foiling aspect of the TODO!!! The heat templates/dies slip all around the heating element/plate, and the dies cut the cardstock, e.g., around the butterfly’s wings and antennae!! I’m ready to send it back, too!! I’m not willing to spend $300 on a machine that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do! I have a Grand Calibur that does everything but the foiling and the stamping (I wouldn’t use the TODO for stamping, anyway). VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

  29. I’m very disappointed in the TODO!! I’ve only tried the foiling aspect, since that was the main reason I bought the machine (I have several other die cutting machines, both electric and manual). The plate moves every time, and the templates have gouged up the plate. They scrunch up and tear the cardstock and the foil, e.g., around the butterfly’s wings and antennae. I’m not willing to spend $300 for a machine that doesn’t do what it was promoted as being able to do, with ease!! It’s more than likely going to be going back!! Sorry, Create and Craft!! I should have read these reviews before I purchased it!

  30. I’m in the USA and received mine. I really love the machine and all its possibilities. There is a bit of a learning curve to it. I have been able to use my Anna Griffin dies, Spellbinders dies and the Todo dies without a hitch, once I had the proper setting. I was also able to foil the die cut and it came out wonderful. The ability to foil your embosses is great and I love that feature. Again, there is a bit to a learning curve to this machine with all the possibility different settings.

  31. In regards to Todo machine, my machine arrived with a broken part. Have been waiting to get a “return label” via email from create and craft for over 3 days. Still no answer to my inquires. If you do have something to return, it will take at least 14 days after receipt. I returned another machine and upon checking the tracking system saw that they had received it back. However, nothing in the system showed that it was received. Only just got notice today that they did in fact get it. Am waiting the 14 days now for refund.

    I plan to return Todo machine also. Please note that if something is wrong with 1 item in the bundle, you must return the entire bundle to the company. They will not just send the incorrect/broken item.

    Have fun!

    • Contact your cc to help you out. I did today after I noticed a 1″ crack in my machine opposite the handle after using it for two days plus the horrible D plate.

  32. I’ve recently bought a Todo machine and can honestly say its the most expensive machine I’ve bought and the worst. I’ve tried numerous dies in the and they only cut partially. Adjusting the height makes no difference. The plates move when the roller goes over them and I’m now looking to return it.

  33. I too just received my TODO and so far am also disappointed in it.
    MY first problem was they sent a Eur power cord instead ofa US .CANDC told me to buy a converter. Nobody in this town had one so I purchased a new cord .I have only tried die cutting and one embossing folder. They were OK. The big problem is the fact that the plates move and the roller does not move easily.CANDC needs to come up with some solutions or I’m sure they will be losing customers.We at least need feed back from them expressing that they are concerned.

  34. I placed my order for the todo at the launch, one of c&c operators rung me and so I placed my order with her, I to asked for the package but only got the machine, I have phoned many times to explain the situation, and always seem to get someone tat doesn’t quite get to grips with what I’m saying but will get back to me, still waiting. I was really excited when my machine arrived, but not for long if this was made by a car manufacturer I would like to know who coz I for one would never by a car from them. The first day I was using with my granddaughter when there was a loud cracking noise and the machine wouldn’t move, there was a large crack on the arm opposite the handle. Mote calls to c & c, more getting pushed from pillar to post, eventually I returned the todo and received a new one today, it’s still in its box, no excitement and no apology or explanation as to what was wrong with the machine. From looking at a lot of the comments about the todo I feel that we have been badly let down by c & c, they have had a lot of money from us and the after sales service is virtually non existent

  35. I received my Todo machine several days ago & when I unpacked the plastic A, B & D plates, I discovered that they were in an unacceptable state, i.e., they had circular scratches all over them like someone had used a polishing tool on them, plus they had white spots that look like calcium deposits all over them that wouldn’t come off no matter what I tried. When I spoke w/Customer Servce (what a joke!) I could barely understand the foreign accent(evidently not in the UK) & this person was almost belligerent in her tone with me. Bottom line, they refused to send me new plates that were free of scratches, etc., & I was told that unless they were actually warped or broken, I could not get replacement plates. I have spent a LOT of money with Create & Craft over the past 6 months, but evidently once a sale is made, they couldn’t care less about their customer. I’ll be thinking twice before I order from them in the future! Will see how the Todo machine works for me – will not hesitate to send it back if needed!

    • Contact your cc company. In the booklet it says to send defective or broken parts for replacement to a place in MI but no email….I found the warehouse they use in MI online and called but no one returns calls there. You need to ask for the rep that handles Create and Craft products.

      I’m trying to get my machine and D plate exchanged without giving up the entire package as their customer service in India is telling me I have to send everything back for a refund…. My cc is now handling this situation for me.

      I’m with you as I’ve spent a fortune at C & C. I’m so disppointed in the way they are handling things.

  36. I returned my TODO machine. I had a terrible time with the plates moving, they move every time it didn’t matter what the setting was. If I set the dial to make a nice clean die cut the setting was correct but man what a pain trying to make the plates stay together and even. Very hard on my wrists to hold in place. I had to push and keep the plates in place every time, very disappointing. I didn’t even get to the embossing or foil functions. I tried for 2 wks to also get an answer about using other dies for foiling- nope only can use TODO foil plates..and can’t get replacement cutting pads, never even got a answer if I can use other plates, which I think I can, but didn’t try it. I will stick with my Grand Caliber or Vagabond.
    Not worth the price, really. I die cut almost everything for my paper crafting and I was really hoping this machine was the IT machine for me..but I would not recommend it. It could be a great machine if it weren’t for the plates moving and if it had more usability for other plates and more foiling plate designs

  37. I returned my machine after trying to die cut for 2 wks. I just couldn’t make a nice clean cut without holding and trying to keep the cutting plates even and together!! and to make it even worse you cannot get replacement cutting pads for this machine, only the ones that come with the machine. I suppose you can use the other pads that are smaller, but I would think for so much money they should have additional pads available. Very irritating when the cuttings pads slide and do NOT stay together…not worth the price, really disappointing. I love all their other products but this machine sucks!!

    • I got suckered with the Craft Dragon and bought mine just before the company went bust.The machine stopped working but I really wanted to foil so I splashed out again and bought a TODO. I keep it just for foiling as it is useless for anything else. My husband managed to split the Craft Dragon Dies so they’ll work in the TODO. It foils well and uses other good quality foils, which I get from eBay. When I use a die with a different card, I foil a piece of the same card and wrote on the plate combination and the height setting for the rollers, which saves time when I want to foil with the same die later on.
      I have tried due cutting and embossing folders but my gut feeling is that the machine isn’t up to the task and I don’t want to push my luck and break it. I use my trusty old Grand Caliber and Cuttlebug for all other things crafty.

  38. I bought the to do really for foiling its crap so it will go backtryed a.l the other things it says it can do useless

  39. Hi
    I have been looking in all the descriptions of Todo to see what size the cutting bed is. Can you please tell me if it will cut A4 size cardstock (I have the Sizzix Bigshotwhich I love but I have to cut A4 in half to go through)
    Many thanks

  40. Have tried to get reply from customer services in respect of the todo I have just got. The hot plate is getting very scratched and the hot dies move and stick to the green plate. Have to set it to 11to get the dies and plates through, but it did then give me a good cut. Will keep trying as I was really looking forward to using this machine.

  41. Like many others I’m slightly disappointed with my ToDo machine. It does not cut dies very good. However I have over come this, if you spray your card before use with M Boss then it cuts them well. My hot plate also was marked after first use. And yes I found that the embossing does slip but if you are able to hold and turn then it can work. I’m interested in trying different dies etc but I’ve not managed to track any down. You can only use so many butterflies on cards. In the tutorial on Create and Craft it states you can use the one used foil as a negative foil. Does any body have any idea who to do this?

    • In order to use the negative they recommend using a TODO Solid Print Hot Foil plate (item 140 470 and it lists for $24.99 @ C&C). I just ordered my machine. I hope this was helpful.

  42. We tried our todo today, currently only with the hot foiling but every time we do it the plates slip no matter how hard we hold them down with the A plate, the hot plate is getting scratched really badly I guess from the slipping. Can anyone give us a pointer as to how to stop this. Thank you

  43. I have had my TODO since August and am totally in love with it. That being said, I only use it for hot foiling. I can foil any of my die cuts done with an electronic, electric or manual die cutter without toner. It is fabulous for that. The TODO does have a learning curve because the little manual they give you with it is just a guide for the settings. As far as the slippage with the plates, I use my Cuttlebug B plate or the TODO D plate instead of its larger A & B plates. There is a FB group that you can come and join and see what we have all created with the TODO. The FB group link is:

  44. I have now had my TODO for 7 months and to be honest its the worst thing Ive bought. Ive now emailed C&C to see if there is anything I can do to send it back.
    The cutting plates move no matter what I do or setting I use, the Hot Foil Plate is scratched to pieces due to the movement when foiling, I can not create lovely cards with die cut edges as the machine wont cut evenly.
    I can only seem to cut a full die if i do it as a separate cut to stick onto the card – not cut into the card itself.
    Ive gone back to using my BigShot and am getting a BigShot Plus to use on A4 cardstock.

    Hopefully I might be able to get something back on it but wont be recommending it to anyone

  45. I received my TODO and I did what that gal said use A plate on the base. Always use tape. Then use the D plate and setting 4.5 Mine works great
    Also C&C said that not every machine is the same so play with it. also the gal that said to use smooth card stock when foiling. So we will see what happens as I go on. The plexi glass idea is a good one also.

  46. I too am very unhappy with my Todo. I will keep trying for a short while as I have not tried the hot foiling yet. The machine does not cut as it says it does. On a larger die such as a tonic panel die it will only cut the sides,so whichever way you turn it you never cut the centre. I have read all the above comments. We can’t ALL be doing something wrong.If all else fails I will be sending mine back.

  47. I too have struggled with a TODO it is useless as a die cutting machine, I sent mine back to Create and Craft and they sent another out. Sent that back as that didn’t do die cutting either, they are now saying I can’t have a refund, their customer service is a joke can’t understand them, and they don’t seem to know what I am on about so it’s off to Small claims court for me to get my money back. Think twice before getting one, have spent a lot of money with Create and Craft but won’t be spending with them ever again.

  48. I am disappointed that Create and Craft has not responded to all the many comments from dissatisfied customers!

  49. I had thought about buying on, as it seems very different But after reading all your reviews. I wont so thanks so much .Good luck to anyone still purchasing these machines..

  50. Not impressed!!! Had to fight with Craft & Create, my TODO came with $40 postage due. Had to fight for several weeks to get them to credit me the postage due. Finally the gave came the credit in 3 installments!!! After several weeks, and the frustration gone,
    I finally tried the machine, Ruined a die, trying to die cut, the hot foil is not nearly as easy as they make it seem. NOT going to be my go to machine, much rather use the Cricut or my very old Sizzix.

  51. Love the products that craft and create offer. There customer service is terrible. Wasn’t impressed at all with them. I thought that with all the issues I had getting my TODO machine, and the postage issue. they would have offered me a gift certificate, or a rebate on the purchase. It is a shame that they treat their customers so shabby.

  52. I’m having problems with my Todo as it keeps turning itself off. The on/off button is still in the on position but the green light turns red. I have to turn the button to off wait a few monents then turn back on and wait for it to heat up. Not good when I’m in the middle of using it. Is anybody else have this problem. Also in a bit of a dispute with Create and Craft.

  53. I received this as a gift and my dog chewed up the cord. I contacted Create and Craft about purchasing a replacement cord and was told to contact the manufacturer as Create and Craft will not help me without an order number. So, that sucks. To make matters worse, the only company listed ON the machine isn’t the actual manufacturer. It shouldn’t be this hard to buy a replacement part as simple as a cord.

  54. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones.
    Ordered my TODO machine on Create and Craft at discount price several months back in the UK, and it arrived 3 days later. Totally happy with all it’s choices of cutting, embossing, letter pressing, and have now become totally absorbed into the hot foiling side of it!
    The hot foil sheet rolls are so ridiculously cheap, for the mammoth length received, I personally wouldn’t waste time in trying other foil brands outside TODO’s range, made for the machine. Just leap in, use and experiment. Pennies spent on each hot foil created.
    Nothing worse than than buying a machine that’s not versatile, and hampers your creative style.
    This is versatile.
    Buy the solid foil plate to go with it, and all the left overs from hot foiling can create ‘negative’ foiling to double the use, so no waste. Double your income.
    Sales of finished card stock paid for the machine within the first month.
    All sales from now on are free and paid for.
    As I said, perhaps I’m one one of the lucky ones, for which, I’m very happy…

    • Hi there! I have some bigz dies to use in the TODO but the cuts are tiny. Can you recommend a large steel rule type cutting die that will allow me to cut large rectangles of fabric and chip board? The bigger the better as I have masses of clothes I want to use to cut A4 and A5 notebooks and cover them. Finding the right sized dies is driving me potty! I imagine I’ll need cutting pads too, anything 6″+ is good, bigzXL25 but which one? I have tried searching for actual dimensions but it’s confusing. So perhaps you can just tell me! Biggest Swatch cutter? Thank you! Mrs Marylou Kidd MSc total nube! Google Cablevine and knitters get with my name for my knitting and stuff

  55. I have this machine but I moved house and I have lost the lead that turns the foiling plate on I have the kettle lead but not the adapter I’m so upset as i do not know where to find the lead from ive been trawling every electrical lead supplier and no luck please can any one help my email is if anyone can help please please contact me thank you in advance

  56. I have a TODO ,purchased over a year ago and I must say I am very disappointed with it. Does not cut dies very well. But main problem is the 12 v power cable. The one supplied stopped working and I was sent another one straight away by Create and craft. However after a few uses and good foil results ,this too stopped working. I tried a stronger lead ( 24 V) which belongs to my ebosser It works perfectly. However on contacting create and craft I was tod that I should only use the lead supplied. What a lot of use!. Has anyone else had this problem.

  57. My ToDo machine will not cut dies at all, I’ve tried all settings as well as those recommended and there seems to be uneven pressure from the rollers, it cuts on the edges and not in the middle. I’m gutted, sold my other die cutter now I’m going to have to buy it back. Needless to say, the ToDo is going back, I’m anticipating a fight as the company haven’t responded to my return request but Amazon will help,…….i hope.

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