New Spellbinders Sapphire

Lately, there seems to be a lot of machines coming out on the market. Recently, the Cricut Explore Air and Explore One came to the market, then Silhouette’s Curio machine was announced, now, it’s Spellbinders’ turn with the new Spellbinders Sapphire die cut machine.

Sapphire Overview and Features

The Spellbinders Sapphire is a die cut and embossing machine designed to save your wallet and for portability. Here are some features of the machine:

  • Most affordable
  • Works with Spellbinder’s regular dies 2.25 inches and less
  • Handle to secure machine to table
  • Includes base plate, cutting plate, embossing plate, and embossing mat.
  • Folding sides for portability
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds

Where can you but the Spellbinders Sapphire?

Right now, the Sapphire is not being sold through the Spellbinders website. The machine is being sold exclusively through Create and Craft UK and JoAnns USA.

Final Thoughts

Because of its size, the Sapphire machine can’t cut or emboss any large designs, but it seems like it could do well for handmade cards and scrapbooking. It’s affordable price also seems like it would be good for those getting started in die cutting.

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31 thoughts on “New Spellbinders Sapphire”

  1. Would love to own one but can’t buy as Creat & Craft sold out and JoAnns doesn’s ship to UK !

  2. I love my teal color sapphire . Perfect for making all those small cuts I need. But I can’t find where to buy replace plates !

  3. Have got my Sapphire from C & C here in the UK and really pleased with it. I am trying to find out where I can buy some replacement plates here in the UK. Unfortunately the only company I found does not ship to UK.

  4. I want to say how fantastic this little machine is I love so much, I’ve sent up a group ‘I love my sapphire craft machine’ in three short weeks I have 57 members who agree we me please feel free to join us on Facebook

  5. I just bought two on special order for Christmas through our JoAnn store–one for my granddaughter and one for myself for travel or just a quick use instead of hauling out my Big Kick. I am really looking forward to using it.

  6. I love this little machine. It saves my cutting plates of my big machine when cutting out sentiments.
    I can’t find this machine on Create & Craft anymore as I’m looking for an extra pair of plates. Any idea where to niw.

    • Having trouble getting replacement cutting plates, got my machine from creat and craft but dont seen to surply replacment plates aft

  7. unfortunately my Sapphire machine leaks oil when cutting, I sent the original one back to Create and Craft and they sent me a new one, and this one does exactly the same thing, I’m feeling very frustrated as I loved it when I first had it delivered, I’m stopped using it now and have gone back to my Big Shot. Anyone else out there had the same problem?

    • Not had this problem..sorry to hear you have. This little gem is fabulous so far especially when you are just want to cut and emboss little items.

    • I have just purchased a Sapphire and i’m also having a problem with oil leaks its very annoying especially when i’m cutting elements for wedding stationery. Will contact Create and Craft but it doesn’t sound very promising.

    • Sadly, I have just had to return the Sapphire die cutting system to C & C. The machine was less than a month old and initially worked really well. Today (whilst I was cutting out wedding stationery embellishments) it suddenly started leaking oil onto the cutting plates and subsequently this was transferred onto the card. I also have a Grand Calibur and this too has started to leave oily deposits on the plates (but this is well over two years old and has had extensive use, so I put this down to wear and tear). Oh well, back to my old faithful Sizzix!

    • Hi Janet,
      I am having the same problem with my sapphire, very disappointed as I love the little machine. I am at the moment awaiting delivery of a Baby Blue, hoping the same thing doesn’t happen. I also had the same problem with my Grand Caliber.

    • Mine is the same, leaks a black oil all over my card, plates etc.. I’ve had it a while s don’t know if C and C would replace mine. It’s a shame as it’s so convenient

  8. Hello

    Love this machine, but having the same problem not able to find replacement plates. Have contacted Create and Craft, waiting to hear from them.

  9. Love my Sapphire but frustrated that it will not work with embossing folders, can’t seem to find a sandwich that works.

  10. I think there should be somewhere in the UK that sell the sapphire replacement plates and even an extended plate would be useful

  11. Hi can someone please tell me where I can get the replacement 25ml 19toothed sprockets that make the sapphire work . Both mine are broken . My lovely husband can repair them but we just need the parts.

  12. Hello

    Still waiting to hear from Create and Craft about replacement plates… disappointed that they are not available anywhere else in UK to buy but Create and Craft. Looking to now purchase the Baby Blue from Tattered Lace….where replacement plates are available as well as extended plates for longer dies.

  13. I got a spellbinder sapphire from c and c i think its about 18 months ago but one of the cogs inside has split and can’t find them any where it’s the little plastic ones near the handles inside i have tried gluing it but has soon as you turn handle it’s a white cog please can you help me xx

    • I think that’s what’s happened to mine I’ve only used mine twice I can hear something when I shake the machine and I can’t cut anything now so the machine is useless

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