Choosing a Die Cutting Machine

There's a lot of questions people have when buying a die cut machine. People usually want to know, "which die cut machine is best"? The best die cut machine really depends on what the machine is...

Cricut Explore Air 2 Cut List

What can the Cricut Explore Air 2 cut?

MaterialMulti-Cut Pressure Setting Blade TypeCutting Mat
Tissue Paper4x142RegularLightGrip
Notebook PaperOff145RegularLightGrip
Plastic PackagingOff155RegularLightGrip
Foil Mulberry PaperOff155RegularLightGrip
Epoxy Mulberry PaperOff155RegularLightGrip
Copy PaperOff158/PaperRegularLightGrip
Heavy Office PaperOff158/PaperRegularLightGrip
Parchment PaperOff158/PaperRegularLightGrip
Construction PaperOff158/PaperRegularLightGrip
Cricut® VinylOff171/VinylRegularStandardGrip
Dry Erase VinylOff171/VinylRegularStandardGrip
Cricut® Chalkboard VinylOff171/VinylRegularStandardGrip
Light Printed PaperOff175RegularLightGrip
Window ClingOff175RegularStandardGrip
Cricut® Iron-OnOffIron-OnRegularStandardGrip
Cricut® Glitter Iron-OnOffIron-On +RegularStandardGrip
Washi TapeOff190RegularLightGrip
Adhesive Backed FoilOff192RegularStandardGrip
Cutting Mat ProtectorOff195RegularLightGrip
Duck TapeOff260RegularStandardGrip
Light Chipboard (0.55mm)Off260RegularStrongGrip
Printed PaperOff272/Light CardstockRegularStandardGrip
Light CardstockOff272/Light CardstockRegularStandardGrip
Kraft PaperOffLight Cardstock +RegularStandardGrip
Light Glitter PaperOff286RegularLightGrip
Cricut® Cardstock (Solid Core)OffCardstockRegularStandardGrip
Cardstock (White Core)OffCardstockRegularStandardGrip
Adhesive Backed CardstockOff299/CardstockRegularStandardGrip
Flocked PaperOff310RegularStandardGrip
Cotton Fabric*OffFabricRegularStandardGrip
CanvasOffFabric +RegularStandardGrip
Poster BoardOffPoster BoardRegularStrongGrip
Corrugated Paper2x275RegularStandardGrip
Heavy Watercolor Paper (140lbs)2x280RegularStrongGrip
Tight Woven Burlap*2x300RegularStandardGrip
Glitter Epoxy Printed Paper2x303RegularStandardGrip
Wool Felt3x311RegularStrongGrip
Glitter Cardstock2x325RegularStrongGrip
Air Dry Makin’s ClayOff340Deep CutStrongGrip
Adhesive Backed Wood2x255Deep CutStrongGrip
Chipboard2x300Deep CutStrongGrip
Felt*2x320Deep CutStrongGrip
Stiffened Felt*2x320Deep CutStrongGrip
Faux Leather3x229Deep CutStrongGrip
Shimmer Leather3x254Deep CutStrongGrip
Light Leather3x256Deep CutStrongGrip
Birch Wood3x299Deep CutStrongGrip
Cricut® Stencil3x317Deep CutStrongGrip
Craft Foam4x123Deep CutStrongGrip
Adhesive Backed Cork Board4x135Deep CutStrongGrip
Heavy Chipboard4x220Deep CutStrongGrip
Aluminum Metal4x308Deep CutStrongGrip
Cricut® Magnet4x320Deep CutStrongGrip
Acetate5x340.5Deep CutStrongGrip
Heavy Leather5x337Deep CutStrongGrip

* With stabilizer


Choosing a Die Cutting Machine

Which die cutting machine is best for you? This guide will help you choose a die cutting machine by considering certain aspects such as the type of machine, cost, materials, capabilities, ease of use, software, support, and portability.

Manual Die Cutting Machines

Manual die cutting machines are the most affordable and portable option. They can be a great addition to a digital die cutting machine. This guide will list and compare the best manual die cutting machines on the market.

Digital Die Cutting Machines

Digital die cutting machines offer more capabilities over manual die cutting machines. Digital die cutting machines allow the users to manipulate designs before they are cut. Some machines allow users to even create their own custom designs.