KNK Zing Air Review

KNK Zing Air

The KNK Zing Air is a robust and strong machine. With 750 grams of cutting force, it’s over 3 times stronger than the Silhouette Cameo, and it has a 14-inch cutting width. This machine is quite versatile. It can not only cut and draw, but score, emboss, engrave and pierce. The precision of this machine is outstanding. Users are able to cut intricate tiny snowflakes only several millimeters wide. The KNK Zing Air is rugged and made almost entirely from high-quality metal. Expect this machine to last a very long time.

KNK Zing Air

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Design and features

The KNK Zing air is surprisingly compact, considering it has a 14″ cutting width. The machine is less than 2 feet wide, 4.75″ tall, and 6.25″ deep. In some aspects, it’s more simplistic compared to other machines. For example, there’s no button to automatically load and unload the cutting mat. The mat must be manually fed into the machine before you start. The blade holders don’t have any “fixed” settings. These little things may seem like a hassle if you’re used to more plug and play type machines, but there is something to say about simplicity. The user has more control over the machine.

Here are some key features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth – forget about cluttered wires.
  • Print and cut with laser alignment.
  • Bundled with Make The Cut software allowing for custom designs.
  • ZingSpeak – all controls can be voice controlled.
  • Hold 12″ and 4″ vinyl without the need of a cutting mat.

Check out the demo of the KNK Zing in action:


Here are some of the materials the KNK Zing Air can cut:

  • vinyl
  • cardstock
  • fabric
  • felt
  • leather
  • magnet
  • thin chipboard
  • rhinestone rubber
  • craft plastic
  • balsawood (1/16″)

Using the machine

The machine itself is simple, but like all machines, it takes some practice. You do have a lot of control over the KNK Zing, but with more control comes more learning. One drawback of the Zing in particular, is that it doesn’t have a pause button. If you wish to stop cutting, you have to flip the power switch.


The machine comes with two types of blades, a regular cut blade and a deep cut blade for cutting thicker materials. They are both color coated to tell them apart. It also comes with a test pen to help you practice before you cut. This machine is so precise, you can cut tiny detailed designs only millimeters thick without any tearing or rough edges. The blade must be adjusted manually. There are no numbers or “clicks” on the blade. You simply turn it to increase or decrease the depth. Not everyone likes this, as you have to figure out the blade depth each time you cut a different material, which may be frustrating.

Print and Cut

The Print and Cut feature is excellent. The machine has laser technology for alignment. The blade starting position can be precisely set manually, so you can be sure it will cut right every time. The Print and Cut feature cuts designs without leaving any unwanted edges. It’s really impressive.


What’s also neat about the Zing is that you can attach your own drawing pens or markers. Some other machines require you to purchase specific pens and markers, but not the Zing. You can experiment with ballpoint pens, glitter pens, pencils, permanent markers, and more.


To emboss, the KNK embossing tool is required. The tool may seem pricey at $35, but you don’t have to buy a separate embossing machine or dies. The embossing tool has two embossing balls at either end. One end is for embossing paper and cardstock, and the other end is for making creases.

KNK Zing embossing tool
KNK Zing embossing tool


Like the embossing tool, you’ll need the KNK engraving tool if you wish to engrave. The diamond tip engraving tool will engrave vellum, foils, acrylic, and most metals, including trophy labels, dog tags, and jewelry charms.

KNK engraving tool
KNK Zing engraving tool

Make The Cut software

The KNK Zing uses Make the Cut software, which allows you to create your own designs or download them. The software is also compatible with Mac.

The software doesn’t physically come with the KNK Zing with purchase, but you will receive an activation code, allowing you to download the software without making additional payments.

You can import a variety of files into the software, including any GSD, WPC, AI9, PS, EPS, SVG, TTF, OTF, PDF or SCUT File. The Zing also cuts from Artistic Suite. If you’re not importing files, use can use convert raster images (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.) to cuttables.


KNK support is second to none. The staff is extremely helpful and actually enjoy helping you. They answer emails, phone calls, and reply to message boards. If you have a question about cutting a material, they will even offer to cut the material for you before you even purchase the machine, and even record a video of it. That is service!

There is a wealth of information online, including a very helpful interactive online manual and online support groups to get help and share project ideas.

Overall Review

The KNK Zing Air is a versatile machine, being able to not only cut a wide range of materials, but be able to draw, emboss, and engrave. This opens up whole new possibilities beyond scrapbooks and home decor. The machine is well constructed and will last a long time. One of the biggest downsides to the machine is the learning curve, particularly with adjusting the blade and learning the Make The Cut software. This is not a “plug and play” machine, but if you are patient, it can do a lot.

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