Free SVG Files

Over the years, Personal Die Cutting has been collecting some of the best free SVG files on the web! Below are links to all free SVG files. Some of these sites do require a password to access the files, so you’ll need to subscribe to their mailing lists. Learn more about SVG files in my article, SVG File Format: 21 Common Questions.

Free SVG files:

4 thoughts on “Free SVG Files”

  1. I’m am looking for a machine that won’t nickle and dime me after purchase. My interest are cutting leather and vinyl and iron on vinyl. I was interested in the Cricut but I notice everything cost money after market. I want to use my own designs and my logo. What would be the best machine for me?

    • Hi Mia, the Cricut software has designs you can pay for, but you don’t have to use them. You can upload your own designs for free. You can even create your designs in other software programs and upload them in .svg format.

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