How Much Are AccuQuilt Dies? Cost Of 38 Common GO! Dies

An AccuQuilt die cutting machine can make cutting out a quilt so much faster and easier. But on top of the cost of the machine, you also have to purchase dies to cut out the different shapes. The price of dies can vary depending on the complexity and size.

AccuQuilt dies range from $29.99-219.99 per die. One of the most popular dies, the 2.5 inch strip cutter, costs $99.99. They also offer starter sets, bundles, and Qubes which drastically reduce the cost of the dies compared to purchasing them individually.

It can be overwhelming the number of dies available to AccQuilt users. Deciding which dies to purchase can be a tough decision. I’ll cover the cost of some of the more common AccuQuilt dies and which ones most quilters recommend purchasing.

AccuQuilt GO cutter open with a die

What Do AccuQuilt Dies Cost?

The price of AccuQuilt dies depends on their size, complexity, and precision. All dies need to deliver precise, neat outlines each time they are used to cut shapes out of fabric. Dies are made from thin, razor-sharp steel blades that are formed into various specific shapes and patterns.

The cheapest dies available from AccuQuilt start at $29.99. Single dies in the “GO!” range can cost up to $219.99. Bundles will cost more overall but the price per die will also be much less than purchasing them seperately.

When picking and purchasing dies for your AccuQuilt die cutter make sure you buy dies that are compatible with your machine. In general dies with the same name as your cutter are compatible with it, i.e. “GO! Big” dies work in the “GO! Big” Cutter. The GO! Baby and GO! Me machines can only use dies of the same name, i.e. less than 6″ in width.

The GO! cutter can use any “GO!” dies as well as all “GO!Me” and “GO!Baby” dies. The GO!Big can use the same dies as the GO! as well as all “GO! Big” dies. The Studio 2 can use all “Studio” dies as well as all “GO!” dies with the use of an adapter. Check out the AccuQuilt compatibility chart for more details.

You may find the first few times you use your cutter that you have a lot of fabric waste. But you’ll find there are many tips and tricks out there to reduce unusable scraps. Check out my article to learn Tips to reduce Fabric Waste with AccuQuilt.

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Cost of Dies Recommended by Quilters

I know it’s difficult to decide which dies to purchase. The cost of them can add up and really it’ll depend on what types and sizes of quilts you like to make for which dies to purchase. If you prefer appliques then your favorite dies will be very different than a quilter who likes to make large block quilts.

But most AccuQuilt quilters agree that these are the most popular and useful dies you can purchase as an AccQuilt quilter. I have listed the current price on the AccQuilt Website but frequently they have sales and Amazon also carries AccuQuilt supplies.

If you haven’t purchased your cutter yet and are deciding which dies to get or if you should get a bundle, I highly recommend purchasing the Ready. Set. Go! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System. This starter set includes everything you need to make multiple different patterns including:

  • GO! Fabric Cutter
  • GO! Qube 8″ Mix & Match Block
  • GO! Strip Cutter- 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished)
  • GO! Cutting Mat-10″ x 24″
  • GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts Pattern Book by Eleanor Burns-2nd Edition
  • 16 page Pattern & Idea Book with 2 Quilt Patterns
  • Die Pick
AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO!® Ultimate Beginner Fabric Cutting System with Fabric Cutter, Mix and...
  • ULTIMATE SET: Ultimate all in 1 specialty set has everything you need to create beautiful fabric designs ideal for beginner levels; Weight: 38 pounds
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Kit is packed with a GO! fabric cutter, 8 unique cutting shapes, 2 cutting mats, a die-cut, and a fabric strip cutter
  • CUT MULTIPLE FABRICS: Ready to cut a variety of fabrics including cotton, batiks, wool, flannel, fleece, denim, leather, batting, felt, silk, and satin

This starter set retails for $449 but frequently AccuQuilt will have a sale on and take up to $125 off!

The Prices Of 38 Common AccuQuilt GO! Dies

These are some of the most popular dies available from AccQuilt. I’ve listed below the regular price on the AccQuilt website but usually, there are specials and sales on so check out the latest promotions from AccQuilt. Current online prices directly from the AccuQuilt website are:

Straight Piecing Dies

These dies are designed to cut shapes with straight edges.

Curved Piecing Dies

Curved piecing dies are designed for piecing with curved edges. Using curved dies is so much easier than cutting out a curve by hand with scissors or a rotary cutter.

Strip Cutter Dies

Strip dies are one of the most recommend die types by quilters. You can use them to make binding and strip quilts. They are also extremely versatile you can do strips, squares, triangles, diamonds, etc.

Block On Board (BOB)

An entire block can be cut using a single die, saving you time when quilting.  You can also use parts of the die for different designs.

star quilt pattern cut out
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Applique Dies

Applique dies make quilting easy! These dies will quickly cut complex shapes for you to sew on to your quilts. Check out the AccuQuilt website for the range of different designs on offer to suit any occasion! 

Qubes and Bundles

Qubes and bundles are great ways to save on the price of dies. Buying your dies in groups like this will drastically reduce the price per die.

GO! Qubes

Qubes are a group of dies that can be combined in multiple ways to create a block that is sized to the name of the Qube. They also include a pattern book and cutting mat. There are Mix and Match Qubes, which typically contain 8 dies, as well as Companion Sets which are add ons to the original Qube and contain 4 dies.

The 4″, 6″, 8″, and 9″ Qubes and companion sets will work with all AccQuilt cutters. The 10″ and 12″ Qubes and Companion Sets will work with the GO!, GO!Big and Studio 2. You can also purchase Qubes in a bundle.


Bundles take all the hard work out of shopping for what you need. Each bundle includes dies, cutting mats, a pattern book, and a handy quilting ruler. Bundles can include multiple dies of the same type like the Strip bundle or dies related to an event like the Game Day bundle. Below are a few of the most popular and best value bundles but check the AccuQuilt website for all the different bundles available.

Do Accuquilt Dies Go On Sale?

AccuQuilt frequently has sales on their dies and machines. They offer reduced prices on overstock products and clearance items.

At the time of writing AccuQuilt was offering 25% off your order, free shipping, $125 off a Ready! Set! GO! Ulitmate Cutting System, as well as a free GO!Me cutter when you spend $325.

They will also do a buy two get one free promotion on dies and Qubes. And some months have different daily promotions.

Check out the AccuQuilt sales page for current promotions.

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Tips to Reduce the Cost of AccuQuilt Dies

Dies can quickly add up when you purchase an AccuQuilt cutter. Just like going fabric shopping, die shopping can become addictive, and you “just have to get that gorgeous die”. Here are a few tips to help reduce the cost of dies.

  • Buy Used – there are many Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling AccuQuilt dies. You can also check the local market place or place a “wanted” ad
  • Use a Lending Library – most quilters are happy to share their dies with other AccuQuilt users. Look for a local quilting group or guild to see if anyone is interested in sharing dies.
  • Split the Cost – if you have several friends with cutters or interested in using an AccuQuilt you can split on the cost of the dies and the machine. Then you won’t be paying full price and just use it when you need it.
  • Wait for a Sale – as mentioned above AccuQuilt frequently has very good sales on their dies and machines. Make a plan for what quilts you want to make and what dies you need then when there is a sale you purchase everything you need in one go.
  • Pay over Time – AccuQuilt offers 0% financing. This doesn’t reduce the price of your purchase but it does make it a little easier to pay over a longer period of time.
  • Sell unused dies – If you find you have dies that you rarely use, then post them for sale. You can recoup some of the cost of the die this way and put it towards another more desired die.

What AccuQuilt Dies Should You Buy?

What dies should I buy for my AccuQuilt is by far the most common question I have come across. Unfortunately, there is no “right” answer to this question. To figure out what dies you should buy first, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of quilts you like to make?
  • What size of quilts and blocks do you like to make?
  • Do you want dies to cut the sizes and shapes you need?
  • Do you want to cut applique shapes?

The best answer I have found to this question was said by an experienced quilter in an AccuQuilt Facebook Group

It really doesn’t matter what other people think is the most useful or “best” die to have, if it is one you will never use, it won’t be one of YOUR “favorite” dies.

I started with a 6″ Qube, because I like making small blocks and for a majority of the quilts I make, the sizes in that Qube are what I need to get cut. So my recommendation would be the 6″ Qube. But if you HATE working with small pieces and blocks, you would rarely use those dies.

Do you follow instructions for quilt patterns, or do you look at the combination of blocks, and know you can make them in any size you want, by cutting your pieces a different size? Do you like big blocks, or smaller blocks? What dies would help you cut those sizes? THOSE dies will become YOUR favorite dies, because they are what you will use most.

If I were to go by what others recommend, I would have bought strip dies, but so far, I haven’t had a NEED to use a die to cut strips with, so those are not on my list of “have to haves” at this point. They may be there at some point, but they were not the first dies I wanted to invest in.

So ask yourself what shapes and sizes would help you make the quilts YOU want to make? What dies do you need to make those quilts? Can they be used over and over, or is it a one quilt and done with that size/shape? The answer to those questions will help you figure out what dies to buy first, until you can get them all. 

Final Thoughts

AccuQuilt was hundreds of dies available for both their GO! and Studio line of cutters. The cost of the dies greatly depends on the complexity and size. Just a few simple dies can be combined in numerous ways to create multiple different patterns and designs.

Picking your first dies might be the hardest part of getting started with your AccuQuilt but thinking about what types of quilts you like to make as well as watching for a sale is the best way to keep the cost of buying dies to a minimum.

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Diane loves to craft and create. She enjoys experimenting with her Cricut Maker and Accuquilt GO! She also dabbles in jewelry making and crocheting. She is also passionate about sewing.

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