Brother ScanNCut2 CM350 vs. CM650W

The release of new Brother ScanNCut2 die cut machine comes with two models, the CM350 and CM650W. Here, we will be comparing the features of these two models. Now, there are some important differences between these two machines, so be careful to buy the correct model as these cutting machines aren’t cheap. Some people go out and buy the cheaper model, only to realize later they are missing features that only come with the more expensive model.

Note: The CM650 model is discontinued. You can find the CM350 on Amazon or at

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The CM650 is the more expensive model with all the new features added. CM350 is the less expensive model with some, but not all of the new features installed. The CM650 retails for $499 (USD), whereas the CM350 is priced at $299 (USD). This is a big difference, so be sure to pick which model fits your needs best.

ScanNCut Online Activation Card

Both the Brother ScanNCut2 machines come equipped with wireless ready, but to transfer files wirelessly to the online ScanNCut Canvas software, an activation card is required. An activation card is included with the CM650 model, but not the CM350 model. If you wish to use wireless with the CM350 model, you will need to purchase the wireless activation card separately, which costs $50.

ScanNCut Canvas Software Registration.jpg

Scanning Size

One of the biggest differences between the two models is that the CM650 model can scan up using the 12”x 24” mat, while the CM350 can’t. This is usually a deciding factor for people when deciding between the two machines.

File Types

Both models can now import SVG files. If you have an embroidery machine that accepts PES files, then you will love this feature as the ScanNCut2 will now read files containing appliqué stitch data. However, it is only available on the CM650 model.

Fonts and designs

Fonts – The CM350 model has 7 built-in fonts, and the CM650 model has 15 built-in fonts.

Built-in Designs – The CM350 model has 631 built-in designs, and the CM650 model has 1102 built-in designs.

ScanNCut2 Fonts


Extras that come with the CM350 model but not the CM650 model:

  • Rhinestone Trial Kit
  • 2 color pen set

Extras that come with the CM650 model but not the CM350 model:


Check out the summary below:




Rhinestone Trial Kit
4.85” Large LCD Touch Screen Display
Wireless Network Ready
ScanNCut Online Activation Card
Wireless Connection via PC/Tablet
Direct Connection via USB Cable
Built in One Point Designs



Built in Quilt Designs



Total Built in Designs



Built in Fonts



Scanning Color Recognition
24" Scan Function
SVG File Import Capability
PES File Import Capability
6 Color Pen Set
2 Color Pen Set
2 Erasable Pen Set
Pen Holder
Standard Mat
Middle Tack Adhesive Mat
Standard Cut Blade
Standard Cut Blade Holder
High Tack Fabric Support Sheet
Iron On Fabric Contact Sheet
Touch Pen and Spatula Stand
Retail Price



What ScanNCut2 model are you interested in? Leave us a comment!

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  1. I have one of your machines and really enjoy itoy it is not the first one out I am at work so I dont know what model but does it go on the computer and down loadd some me things to cut

  2. I am residing in Singapore.. As the cm650 is only available in USA can I know if the voltage is suitable for 220 v I am leaving for USA this wed

  3. I love the Brother Scanncut CM650W. I have the CM550DX. I paid the same price for that as you are stating here. 499.00 plus tax. I have had mine since Feb2015. I received an advertisement from Brother stating the CM650W is on sale for 549.99USD. Plus a 50.00usd Brother Visa prepaid Card. Deduct that and yes 499.99USD.

    I would get the CM650 if I was buying one. It has over 200 more designs then my CM550DX, other wise it still has 840 or something like that of the same designs. I love all the new fonts. I love the fact that it can scan in the 12×24 mat. I tried it with mine and it did not work. I also love the fact that it can go to wireless and also be tethered to a computer. I do not have a brother embroidery machine but I do have a singer and one of the files that my embroidery machine can read is a PES file.

    I also like the fact about the SVG files. I use CutnScan Canvas and I use Jpeg files.

    I am thinking about the new Scanncut2 CM650W. I think for the price it is very good. 499.99USD considering the older Model CM550DX is the same and you get many new features with the new one. So for me it would be a no brainer. If I was looking for a new machine of this kind. I would go with the one that has the most to offer. The CM650W.

    With that all said if it could work with tin material and Punch out designs that would be even better.

    I love your review here and comparison you did an awesome job and made it so understandable of the difference between the two new models. Thank you for doing this. I too think people do not really understand the difference and then get disappointed when the model they bought does not do it all.
    Great Job love what you had to say.

  4. Hi,

    I am considering buying a cutting machine. Is the cutting precision of the new model better than of the older ones?

    How does the ScanNCut compare to other machines like the Silhouette Cameo when it comes to tiny details? I need to cut tiny fonts – what would be the best machine?

    Thanks for all advice, Kai

  5. I’m interested in the CM650 model. I have been web searching to see if I can purchase one and receive free shipping. Unfortunately, I can only purchase one in store and there is no local shop that sell the this model. Where can I buy this model and have it shipped?

  6. I’m interested in the CM650 model. However, I can not find one through Ebay or Amazon as I want to use the PayPal credit option to pay over time. Do the dealers in my area (Minneapolis) do that.

  7. Nice write up on the differences between the two models. In your article you have mentioned that the ScannCut 2 will read PES stitch data. I’d just like to clarify that the ScannCut 2 will only read appliqué data NOT stitch data.

  8. Help, I’m considering the 650 completely on the basis that I thought I could bring different designs I made in my embroidery software… None of which are applica… More like designs and monograms etc… Can I do that?

  9. I need help converting my pes files on my Brother 655e usb stick to the scan n cut to cut the embroidery designs.. any help our there? Please and thank you

  10. I have the Brother PR655e and the new 350w scan n cut, I cannot fiqure out how to convert the pes files to cut out appliques designs…. Help, Plase and Thanks

  11. I have searched everywhere to get the 650 and I can only find the 350 or older models. Brother is of no help (at least the operators). I am very frustrated. If anyone has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t like that brother has made it so difficult to get this product.

    • We live in Montana and I called the Brother dealer in Billings, they had them so I paid by credit card and a family member picked it up for me . I could not find the 650w on line (yet) !!

  12. Why is the CM650W only available through a dealer and not the web site like the other products?

  13. I also I have the same question
    Why is the CM650W only available through a dealer and not the web site like the other products?
    I want to buy CM650W online

  14. Brother’s higher end products (like the cm650w)are only available through authorized brother dealers where as the mass marketed machines are available at walmart and amazon but are not a covered product for in store repairs. feel free to contact for purchase

  15. I am considering buying the 650 Model. How hard is it for a person that is not computer smart to operate. Can I stamp on 100 lb. cardstock and have it cut the stamped item?

    Thank you

  16. How do you get PES data to be application stitch data ready? I have many PES files and want to use them on the scan n cut 2

  17. Can you send files that are created in programs such as Publisher on PC to the machine to be cut out? What about fonts on your PC? do those transfer and cut out as well?

    • As I understand it, both 350 and 650 read SVG files. I know that Adobe Illustrator allows you to save as SVG file. If you google SVG converter software, there are many out there cheaper than Adobe. So first convert your image to SVG and it should work according to what it says above. You will probably have to have a jpeg, bitmap, png, ai image to convert. MS Publisher like other page layout software is a “container” that an image resides in. For instance, you insert a bitmap or jpeg image inside publisher to do a page layout. Download any clipart from the internet, either bought or free, save it to your computer, get SVG converter software, (you can also find this for free on the internet, convert to SVG format and according to what it reads above, it should work. Keep in mind, I am investigating which cutter to buy myself, so I am just making logical assumptions.

  18. I do not sew, but hope to start sewing. I will never crochet or quilt. Is it more likely that I would be satisfied with the 350 model vs the 650? I would like it for Crafts and maybe making my own shirts etc. Thanks

  19. I am looking for the 650 model. I can find the 350, but want all the extras of the 650 as
    I do not plan to buy another ScanNcut anytime soon. Are the 650s not being made now?

    • Hi Betty, the 650 is only being sold through authorized dealers. You will need to shop around on google to find some shops. I believe they are still being made.

  20. I anm interested in the CM656 model. However, I can not find one through Amazon as I want to use the PayPal credit option to pay over time. Do the dealers in my area (Minneapolis) do that.

  21. I was trying to work on a greeting card that comes in 4 different cuts/colors and therefore, 4 different files. I’m a little confused because I wirelessly transferred 4 files (one right after the other from my PC), but when I push the wireless button on my ScanNCut machine, it only shows the last file I transferred. Is it possible to scroll through the screen to see all 4 files?

  22. Thank you so much for posting this! I have the original Scan n Cut but I want to purchase the new model but I will get the 650 for sure! I love that it has more designs and fonts built in and I love the larger scan size. One question though as I am running into a ton of issues finding the 650 model to purchase. Where can I purchase one of the 650 models online?? Thanks so much!

  23. I would love to get the 650, but since its been out for over a year I am wondering if a new model is coming out soon.

  24. 1 may 2017
    I just bought the Cm550dx. I dont see comparison of it with 650 anywhere. In fact i dont see the 550dx listed in the Brother site. I am wondering if it is an outdated discontinued machine. I havent opend it and the dealer has given me the option of exchanging it. Is there a lot of differences other then the bigger screen and wifi. I have a week to do the exchange pls let me know if 650 is a better buy. What are the important features i will be missing out in 550dx. Thank you. Ps I live in canada.

    • Shakuntala try
      According to them it is a discontinued line, doesn’t look like it can be connected to a PC, the “Scan n Cut2”-CM650 is probably the replacement. Brother models are very confusing. Here in Australia I can pick up the “Scan n Cut2”-CM350 from one store or the “Scan n Cut”-CM700 (not version 2) from another, both the same price but the “Scan n Cut”-CM700 does the 24″ scan, the “Scan n Cut2″-CM350 only does 12” scan but has the bigger screen. The equivalent here to the “Scan n Cut2”-CM650 is the “Scan n Cut2”-CM900 which is a version 2 with the bigger screen. Very confusing, still trying to decide!

    • I spoke to a Brother dealer today and they said the cm550 is discontinued. It is 2 or 3 years old. You can find it on ebay, though. One of the major differences between the 550 and 650 is that the 650 is wireless.

  25. I HAVE WANTED TO PURCHASE THE NEWEST 650 PLUS SCAN N CUT MACHINE FOR QUITE SOMETIME. However, I LIVE IN SOUTHERN CA (120 miles east of San Diego and 60 miles west of Arizona state line, in the Desert). I have sent emails to Julie inquiring to possibility of it EVER being presented on HSN! I have the 100cm and I’ve been waiting for an upgrade as I would like to print the 12″x24″ projects. I would like to know where I might purchase the 650cm at a reasonable price. I paid top $ when I purchased my Scan N Cut cm100 when they first came out. I would appreciate knowing where I might be able to order or purchase a new 650+!

    • Hello Phyllis

      I know of a brother dealer that can help you out. Give Al a call at Sewing Products in Michigan 586-566-4500. He and his Dad have been in business over 30 years. He will help you. Tell him Patti from Sew Many Things sent you.

  26. Do both the 350 and the 650 model cut fabric with fusible web on it? I want to be able to scan in a silhouette or shape and then cut it out on fused fabric, fused with heat n bond or steam a seam. Is this a problem or easy to do?

  27. I bought the CM 350 thinking that it was a newer model as it was promoted on Create and Craft. I am disappointed that it isn’t. I have had it 2yrs now and can not afford a newer model. I am quite disappointed. I would love a newer model as I have a Brother Inovis 90E embroidery machine, I could have used them together.

    • I am wondering the same thing. I know you have to check the voltage and get a plug converter unless they start selling the CM900 to US customers with a US plug. If the voltage is different, you’d need a voltage converter to step up or step down the voltage between what a US plug would have and what the CM900 needs.

  28. Is the retail still 499.00? I just ordered one from our local dealer and they are charging me 599.00

  29. I too have found a local dealer for the 650 but was quoted regular price of $799 and on sale at $699, is this a fair price?

    • I just purchased mine last week from a Brother dealer (local sewing machine/vacuum shop) and I paid $499 for the 650…that seems to be the standard price for this model. If you are being asked to pay more is the dealer including an additional package of goodies (ie. stampers kit, vinyl, etc…)?

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