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5 Nested Die Cutting TechniquesUmbrella Crafts is a Scapbook.com craft line that makes simply awesome products. They also have a large selection of cutting machines, dies, and accessories often offered with sale discounts. Some of their most popular products are the nested die sets. These high-quality wafer-thin dies offer so much possibility when it comes to creating layers, partial die cuts, and frames. Because there is so much variety offered with wafer-thin dies, they make an excellent base collection.

To get the most bang for your buck and the most variety, Scrapbook.com offers a variety bundle which offers even more possibility when mixing shapes to create new shapes.

Umbrella Crafts - Decorative Die Set - Complete Nested Variety Kit

Complete Nested Variety Kit

As a bonus, Scapbook.com shows you 5 techniques you can use with your nested dies:

1. Create a Foldable Card

Take a piece of cardstock and fold it in half. This piece will be used as the base of your card. Taking the biggest die,¬†place the die just over the fold, so that the fold doesn’t get cut. When cut, the fold will remain intact, creating the foldable card.

Nested Die Technique 1

2. Create 3D Embellishments

Using two different sizes of the same shape, cut out two pieces of material and stack them on top of each other for a 3-dimensional effect.

Nested Die Technique 2

3. Crop Photographs and Create Photo Mats

Take a die and crop a photo. Use a bigger die of the same shape to create a photo mat for the photo to be placed on.
Nested Die Technique 3

4. Use Two Dies Together to Create a Frame

Take two dies of the same shape and nest them together to create a frame.

Nested Die Technique 4

5. Use Two Different Shapes to Create a New Shape

Use two dies together to form a new shape. Dies can be used at the same time, or be run through the machine separately.

Nested Die Technique 5

We hope you enjoyed these nested die techniques. Do you have any more? Let us know!

Nested Die Techniques For Scrapbooking

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