Sizzix Vagabond Review

Vagabond Die Cut Machine

Before we review the Sizzix Vagabond electric cutting machine, I want to mention a quick sentence about Tim Holtz. So, who is Tim Holtz? Tim Holtz is a well-known designer and the Creative Director or Ranger Industries. He has teamed up with Sizzix to bring you the unique and fun Vagabond machine.

The Sizzix Vagabond machine is unique in a couple ways. First, the machine looks like a well-traveled suitcase. The sides open up with the push of a button, and the power cord can be unhooked and stored away in the side compartment, which is great for traveling. The second way the machine is unique is that it contains a strong electric motor, so no hand cranking! This is great for those with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or shoulder problems. Plus, it’s fun!

Sizzix Vagabond Review

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Because of the motor, the machine does have a little more weight compared to the typical manual die cutting machine. It weighs 14lbs, which isn’t terribly heavy. It also has a carrying handle to make transporting it more convenient.

Sizzix Vagabond Design and Features

  • Cuts and embosses dies and folders from different manufacturers
  • 6-inch cutting width
  • Cute suitcase design that folds up
  • Strong electric motor to feed to cut or emboss materials
  • Power and reverse buttons
This Vagabond Machine is only compatible with power requirements that are the same as those found in the United States and Canada.

Cutting and Embossing using the Sizzix Vagabond Machine

Using the Vagabond machine is very similar to using any other manual die cutting machine from Sizzix. The Vagabond comes with two cutting plates, the solo platform, and shim. The solo platform and shim are used when needed, depending on what cutting die you are using. Thicker cutting dies may not need the platform or shim, but thinner dies might. It’s easy to know when you need to use the platform or shim because there are directions right on them. What’s pretty neat is that the shim snaps onto the solo platform, so it doesn’t move around and for easy storage.

Sizzix Solo Platform and Shim
Sizzix Solo Platform and Shim

Important! – Some users have jammed their machine by not following directions properly. If the incorrect sandwich is made for the machine that is too thick, the material will go through the machine half way and get stuck. To prevent this, always be sure to follow the directions, or purchase a set of Sizzix Gauge Keys to measure the thickness of the sandwich before you cut.

Sizzix Gauge Keys
Sizzix Gauge Keys

Cutting and Cutting Dies

Anything that scissors can cut, the Sizzix Vagabond can cut as well, including thicker materials like matboard and grungeboard, generally up to 1/8th” thick, which is pretty impressive. Fabrics, felt, and leather can also be cut.

The Sizzix Vagabond can work with a variety of dies from other manufacturers, including:

  • All Sizzix dies thinner than the Sizzix Bigz dies
  • Cuttlebug
  • Spellbinders
  • Quickutz

If you are cutting wafer thin dies, like the Sizzix Framelits or Thinlits, then you’ll need to purchase the Sizzix Solo Wafer-Thin Die Adapter.

Embossing and Embossing Folders

The Vagabond machine will accept A2 sized embossing folders and even the Cuttlebug Embossing Plus folders. The solo shim can be used to give more depth to the emboss, giving it a nice crisp look.

If you are embossing with wafer thin dies, you’ll need to use the Sizzix Impressions Pad and the Sizzix Rubber Mat.

Overall Review

Overall, the Sizzix Vagabond is a strong and quiet machine. If you no longer have the strength in your wrist or shoulders to use a hand crank, the Vagabond can be a great option. The suitcase design is cute and folds up for easy portability. The only thing with the machine is that you have to be careful not to get the material and pads stuck in the machine.

One of the cheapest places I’ve found to purchase the Vagabond is through Amazon. Check out the price and read what other customers are saying.

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