Evolution Advanced Review

Evolution Advanced Die Cut Machine

One of the more interesting machines on the market today is the Evolution Advanced Die Cut Machine by We R Memory Keepers. The Evolution Advanced machine, like most die cut machines, cuts and embosses, but also has some unique features not found on most machines. For one, the machine has a knob to adjust the height of the rollers, allowing you to use the same sandwich on various dies or change the embossing depth. Another feature is that you can remove the handle and attach a motor. Let’s see what the Evolution Advanced Machine is all about…

Evolution Advanced Die Cut Machine

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Evolution Advanced Die Cut Machine Review

The Evolution Advanced machine can not only cut and emboss materials up to 6 inches wide, but it can also letterpress. The machine is lightweight and portable. Similar to the Cricut Cuttlebug, the sides fold up, and when the sides are folded down, the machine suctions to the table, providing strong support when running sandwiches through the machine.

Along with the machine being small and compact, it also comes with room for storage. The sides of the machine open up, providing room to tuck away dies, tools, and material. The sides can be a little tough to open, so if you have weak hands or arthritis, you may not want to use these storage compartments.

Here is great video overview on how to use the Evolution Advanced die cut machine from Scrapbook.com:

Also be sure to check out the free class: How to use your Evolution Advanced Machine.

Using the Dial Setting

What makes the Evolution Advanced machine so unique is the dial setting. The dial setting is a dial located on the side of the machine which adjusts the height of the rollers. By adjusting the dial, you can set the pressure, eliminating the need for confusing mat combinations and shims.

Some users with weak hands and arthritis found the dial difficult to move. Some users have used WD-40 to make using the machine easier.

Below is the dial setting guide, which shows which dial setting to use with various dies and folders from other manufacturers. It’s important to note, however, the guide may not be accurate if you are using a material other than 80lb cardstock. Figuring out the right dial settings may take some experimentation.

Evolution Advanced Dial Settings

Electric Motor and Handle

The Evolution Advanced machine is the only machine that can use both a handle and a motor. The handle can be easily attached and removed from the machine without using any tools. Unlike other machines that require an Allen wrench to attach the handle, the handle for the Evolution Advanced machine has a sliding locking mechanism instead. When the handle is not being used, it can be stored in the side storage compartments. This is also where the handle will be when you purchase the machine.

Evolution Advanced Motor Attachment
Evolution Advanced Motor Attachment

For those with arthritis or doing large projects, a motor attachment is available. The motor attachment easily attaches to the machine in place of the handle. The motor plugs into a wall outlet and is activated when the button on top of the motor is pressed. This means you must hold the button down when cutting, and release to turn off the motor.


Letterpressing is the process of creating a debossed impression with ink. Cotton paper works especially well to absorb ink and to create depth. We R Memory Keepers sells a letterpress kit (sold separately) that works with the Evolution Advanced and includes everything you need to get started. The reviews, however, are mixed. Some users have experienced the letterpress plate crack and even shatter. This is in part due to using material that is too thick or using the letterpress base in other machines other than the Evolution Advanced. If you do decide to use the letterpress kit, be careful not to force anything through the machine.

Evolution Advanced Letterpress Kit
Evolution Advanced Letterpress Kit

Overall Review

The Evolution Advance machine is a neat die cut machine that is unlike other die cut machines on the market. The machine is light and compact, and along with its built-in storage, makes it great for traveling and space savings. It works with many dies and embossing folders on the market, and thanks to the dial setting, there is no need to constantly swap plates and shims trying to get the right thickness. The motor attachment is great for those for larger projects or for this with hand pain. The letterpress kit, however, had some mixed reviews with users experiencing cracking in the plates.

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